Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Big Day On Thursday :)

The big day on Thursday :)... YES!... Hubby will be coming in tonight and really looking forward to it... and I know he is..getting away from the stress at work and seeing the critters and Ms Shug.. and then little ole me  LOL..

Well Miss Annie is settling in to her own schedule.. and it looks like maybe she's gonna stay between 3:30am and 4ish.. but hopefully as she gets a little older that will change as well..

I see Zeke starting to show is age which now is making me feel sad.. He's such a wonderful big lad.. I do hope and pray I have him a few more years.. he does go to the vets on Tuesday to see what's changing in his EKG.. but I'm still not that overly concerned as I think it's mainly with his age..

Rudy is such a smoocher and he's gonna be a great boy.. I can see him shaping up nicely.. and I'm slowly starting to give him some lessons on what he needs to do I did with Zeke..

Miss Annie..well, she's a terror and I'm afraid she's got a long time to go before she gets in the picture...she's so full of herself but she's now starting to GROW..I mean right before my eyes too !

Went to the store picked up a few things and we should be ok till hubby leaves again..sigh.. but this way he doesn't have to do as much running but help me get my boxes together with what I need stored and what will be going back with us..

Got a call this evening from Hubby.. his flight is detained..there are lots of storms in the area plus tornado warning.. and I just saw on my news that Del. was having bad storms and that's where he'd have to fly through.. yucko..

Watched a little TV but nervous till I hear from Hubby.. the Big Bang Theory is always a hoot.. but for tonight I couldn't keep my mind on it...

Finally at 10pm hubby called they are boarding.. thank goodness but I'll still worry till they touch down.. which means he'll be here around 1:30am.. so I called the front gate to let them know ..also turned on the outside porch light too..

Critters are settled in and I'm gonna lay in bed watching TV.. till I hear him come in the door..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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