Monday, May 19, 2014

And Along Came Monday

And along came Monday.. we all were up wee early and no return...Miss Annie had no parts of it...sooooooo up we got and boy the day did drag..

The Tree guys came and cut back the one tree behind my house which was leaning..of course towards ME !...but  a really neat treat for now was one of the guys called me and said, "they will come back and trim it more but because there were two birds nest with eggs in them and they were Woodpecker "  they know I love my I have the feeders always that made me feel better..they cared !

Then I made a quick stop to Winn Dixie and even stopped at Hardee's for a burger ..a real treat no cooking..then headed back home..ah it felt good to get out and about a bit..

Of course as soon as I got back those darling were ready for their Lunch Cookie..and they let me know it..they gobble so quick I don't think they even know what they had...but the did give me another treat..they took a nap at around 3pm..hey, it felt good  LOL

I did manage to make a pot of Sloppy Joe's and put that up in the freezer my do aheads and tomorrow I've got the sausage to cook up and again more pancakes.. with blueberries..yeah.. love my breakfast morning noon or night time..

Tonight I got rid of the pain in my butt John, he just finally broke the record of causing me headaches..never stops and always about him and his problems and screams I decided after all these years of trying to deal with it.. I no longer want too.. I even told his partner Jane that this was the kiss good bye..

Don't get me wrong these two deserve each other..they are so miserable together..and being sometimes in the middle sucked big time.. so tonight he push my buttons too much and I'm DONE!..NO RETURN either !!!

Watched the Voice and I still think that young boy that sings country did such a great job and constantly improved...should win.. it wouldn't surprise me at all and his song tonight.. by Keith Whitley, Don't Close Your Eyes was great.. I felt it ..I hope he wins..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow the race is on to get the house in some kind of only if it would stay that way LOL...can't wait till Rudy and Miss Annie get grown up..:)

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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