Monday, July 1, 2013

Drope Me Off, Pick Me Up On Monday :)

Drop Me Off, Picke Me Up On Monday :) kind of day...yes, it's kind of what I did...

Started my morning getting up again at 3:30am..EEEK...what in the world and I was up and it was dark and not a thing could I do to go back to bed..So I got out my "plastic" (containers) and started sorting what I actually need till we are ready to leave...turned on TV and listened to the news...

Soon daylight happened and I was so ready to get things on the move as I was on another Mission..hahaha...Got Ms Shug done even though she had other plans..last words she said as I sprayed her (bath time) NO NO NO !!!!!

Then on to the big guy and little gal..Mister Zeke and Ms Reba them fed and then on to me with a quick fix of chocolate milk and yeah a cookie..hey, I need the sugar high..I was ready to roll out the door..

Had to go pay my O&M (another word for Operating and Maintenance) so I drove up to the office and low and behold Ms Jackie is now working for our establishment...wonders never cease me ...... then out the gate I drove and on to the next stop..

Had to pick up Critter food.. Evanger's Grain Free Chicken Dry  (2) 33lb bags and then next stop was to hit Publix I picked up some fruit slices. Watermelon and cantaloupe and even strawberries for ME and Ms Shug..yeah she got in the act..but of course ..then a few other goodies and then I headed home in the rain ..heavy rain...aaah but my garden upon driving in looks good  except for the that's a different story ..need to call Clancy :)

Phone rang and it was Bright House..OH NO !!!..but thank goodness it was just letting me know they are coming tomorrow between 8am and 10am..ok, so it's a guess again..sure hope things go smoothly.. I mean knowing my track record you will have to wait for tomorrow's posting...might be in smoke signals..LOL

Not much on TV ..kind of a crap shooter night but then again I wasn't really into listening or watching TV..kind of vegged out from being up without catching my nap..maybe tomorrow..but then again I've got laundry coming out the Kazoooooo.

Made a Burger tonight and it was so good but for one thing.. I ran out of Ketchup..OMG..but I put steak sauce on it ..ok..but was missing that red stuff ..LOL

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready.. hope I get a full night sleep and tomorrow well we'll see what it brings...but my list is going strong and hopefully I'll last..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

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