Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Thought About Work on Wednesday :)

I Thought About Work On Wednesday :)... I actually got to sleep in.. I mean I actually slept till 4:30am looked at the clock and went back to sleep...Got up at 5:45am.. Holy Hannah... I was so amazed I just had to say, "Thank YOU"...

I've had so many restless nights and days I was beginning to think this was now my "new lifestyle"  and boy did that ever SUCK !...but now I sure hope on back on the right track ..with a few little hitches of course :)

Well with my over sleeping I was in a little bit of a rush and then I stopped and thought.."What for"????? so I started to put my gear in reverse hahaha..hey, it sure helps every once in awhile to back up..

I did get a few things done on my I called back to Pa and arranged for my tests Mammo and Bone Density in Septemeber...My Doc appointments are already scheduled...and good thing I did because for some reason the one test had the wrong codes which would have meant I would have had the wrong test done...OH MY STARS !

After that I did the best thing..leaned back and just took it easy going over all that needs to be done and what I'm gonna take back to Pa with me..that wasn't so bad and then I thought well I need to think about what work I needed to get done..but it only became a thought in process hahaha...cause I was pulling a LAZY STREAK...I needed one !

Towards the latter part of the day I thought OMG better get all my trash gathered up and so I did and put it on the Dolly to tote to the street and then another thought hit me..."Hey, You Forget tomorrow is 4th of July"????? DUH.. and so here I am with a big bag of trash on a Dolly till Sunday night..OH NO !!!

So I put it back in the trash bins and just shook my head ..all that digging up and no where to go..hahaha.. Well, that was so much for my work load but tomorrow even though it is the 4th of July and Independence Day.. I'm claiming my INDEPENDENCE ...and my fire works will be the sparks a create dragging my laundry out and getting that done and FOLDING>..which by now you all know I hate to do..Match Socks..oh that's a life sentence in itself..

Watched Big Brother tonight..and not sure if I'm gonna really like this episode as the group of people are more to into themselves but we shall see... I like better when they have mixed ages..more interesting.

So that's my story and I'm gonna just stick to for the rest of you...if your Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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