Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Happy 4th Of July this Thursday

A Happy 4th of July this Thursday to sure has been a long day for me and also a bit of a sad one...

My morning was hectic as I am doing my last roundup of things and packing away my clutter ..crocheting, knitting, plastic for storage and all other things I've accumulated..gawd can I accumulate..!!!

Stopped by my mailbox which I didn't do yesterday and low and behold my labels from Verizon were sitting there waiting for me tomorrow I will pack them babies up and ship them on their way..woo less thing to worry about..

Still have the frig and freezer to clean up but that will happen when we have the rig over and I can empty into..and discard what I don't need..then that part will be finished..also have to make a dash to pick up a few things for Ms Shug so when we get back in Pa I don't have to go anywhere..but just my Doc visits that week..then slowly work my way back into the mad routine of the RUSH .

As I took my break I looked out my big windows and saw Betsy's son and daughter in law pull up into her driveway.. it then hit me as I've been really trying not to think about it..but it was getting close to Betsy and Dick's time to move on up the road...

For me it will be a sad time as I've come to really know and enjoy Betsy and Dick .. I've always looked forward to our chats and they were on just about anything and great political debates from time to time..and I so enjoyed how Betsy even taught me a few things..We both had that little chuckle and even go to the point we'd talk about the shows on TV.. I'd once in awhile call her to remind her of a few and then we'd even chat who we liked and didn't..

Yep, I truly am gonna miss them both.. Home won't be the same as I look out at the yellow house and see Dick come out waking in the cul de sac ..his daily exercise..and Betsy, who has such gobs and gobs of talent.. I so enjoyed her novel "Summer is her Name".. I am so much in awe of that gift she has and I only wish that story continued on...

Saturday I will say my "So longs" and try not to this move is something both she and Dick talked about for awhile.. I do understand it and I know this is the right decision..but being a selfish individual I'll surely miss our friendship. I always knew if I felt down I could reach out to Betsy and she the same and feel uplifted...I'll miss that chuckle..and that gleam in her eyes..

Hubby will be coming in tomorrow night around 9pm so it's gonna be a long day for him as well.. and I know he's gonna be dragging.. We'll bring the motorhome over on Saturday and then slowly start to load things in.. We're giving ourselves some time so we're not rushing..and that drive for me is a long one..but it will be an Adventure..

So now I'm ready to hit that bed and hopefully I'll get a good night sleep I need to stop these wake ups so dang early...and Mister Sandman bring me a neat dream will ya HUH ????

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

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