Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Day of REST on Sunday :)

A Day of REST on Sunday :)  No Surprises, No Phone Calls, and No Knew News ...thank really was a day of REST :) I'm thankful !

Morning was a bit of a get my list going for this coming week as the Hubby will be landing on Friday and then the MADNESS will begin .....!

Most of the day I did my usual gather the trash and make sure lots of the stuff in the frig that needed emptying was done cause Monday is TRASH day :) and as usual I clean out the frig and you'd be surprised what I find...hahaha..

However we had some off and on rain so what I wanted to do with the hanging pots I couldn't but I can wait till Thursday and if need be next Monday.....putting the hubby to work ...hahaha..he'll love that one.. Hate to see those babies go but most of my geraniums have petered out ...I sure got my money worth.. they were from the year before...and did their best to show me more happiness..

Now I won't worry about the plants hanging and having Clancy having to come over and take them down in case of bad weather and strong that will be one more thing off my check list..Still have to get with Marty to see if it's a go on her checking in on the house..that will be this week some time.

Tomorrow is run out and pick up Zeke's food from Diane..He's been doing really great on the Evanger's Grain Free I'll bring 2 bags home with me..I can hear hubby already..LOL..Hey, I'm wearing ear plugs for the ride home with the crew...just in case Ms Shug desides to hit High C above E..:)

So this is gonna be short and sweet cause I just mainly took my big break today and now it will be off and running and get ready for the change over on the phone on Tuesday..gosh all I can say on that one is..."Stay Tuned In"

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

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