Thursday, June 12, 2014

Went Shopping On Thursday

Went shopping on Thursday...well I had to go to "Tractor Supply" a neat place really has some awesome things and neat shirts and well check it out.. I was surprised but any way I went for Dog Food.. Yep! Dog Food...

Rudy is on Sport Mix and Annie is on Eukanuba so I killed two stuffed birds with one fluffy ball..hahaha... and they were on sale...WOW... I can't believe how cheap it was.. I mean I've been paying 75 bucks for a 40lb bag and here I got 2 for that price..LOL... so I toted them home..but did stop at Publix for a few things and I did treat myself to a NY Cheesecake...which by the way is out of this world.. but small one thank goodness..or I'd have found the 45lbs I just lost..easily..

Most of the day I just sorted through things I either needed or didn't have any use for...and I stopped and looked at the calendar and I have exactly 3 weeks so I need to do some serious cleaning...

I emptied a few of the containers that held Zeke's food and I got all choked up.. can't help it.. I miss that boy.. but I'm doing better each day.. I am expecting a call from the Vet's office as Zeke's ashes will be coming home soon..

Tonight I kind of dragged and boy I couldn't wait to go to bed.. need to start getting a little more pep in my step..but then I also realize that I've just come off pred so now I understand my urge for food..OH YEAH!!!

Ok, that's about it.. I'm too beat to think .. I know there is more stuff but brain and fingers aren't with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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