Thursday, June 5, 2014

It Was A Busy Thursday

It was a busy Thursday thank goodness... my thoughts couldn't stray from the nonsense between the fighting duo.. John being in the hospital and Jane being at her cousin's house relaxing...HA!

Last night was a little bit easier as I finally fell asleep by 2am..then to wake up at 4am..but I did hold on to my pillow and just prayed that Zeke was now enjoying his romping with the Lord and all his fur friends and family..

Most of my day was caught up in trying to help John while being in the hospital and then dealing with the Jealous rage of Jane and acting like a child.. I couldn't believe her nonsense..She's off having a good time and this guy is in bad shape and trying to get help..

I called a few of the people we knew and got them involved to get things done for John.. I could be angry with him and not want to ever talk with him but when someone is be a decent human being and give help and have some jerk be jealous is crazy..

My temper went and as she (Jane) attempted to act like a horses patootie.. I just let her have it.. if you care for someone you don't abandon them..DUH?

Perhaps this is what I needed to keep my sanity and help me make it through the day..don't know but boy it sure stirred my blood..EEEEEEK!.. and tonight John called me to let me know how Jane was whining about how she had planned to do the things I was getting done.. Tuff Chitski..

John is slowly coming around.. He on top of breaking 6 ribs badly ..also later on suffered a heart attack..and now is on the slow upward move of getting it back's gonna be a rough road being he's 82..but he'll get a lot of help if he works with others..

I just merely got a few people together that are willing to put in some time and help him..and that's what he needs and also while he's home someone to keep tabs on him and go to the store for him.. Jane is always on the road so there's no way that she can do..but when she is home she should be..however, if it's for show it might work other than that..she's tired and in pain..DUH...?????

Yeah, I'm making a slow recovery myself and yes, I am missing my big boy but I do know he is much better off..and some day I'll see him again.. as for my two brats..well they have been lovey I'm prepared for the Blast off that will soon happen...

Now I'm ready for bed and to try to get back to being ok with everything.. It was a big chunk out of my life ...but as I was told so many many times.. God only gives you what you can handle...I hope so..and I do thank God for my time with all my Fur Babes..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Rest in Peace my big boy.. rest in peace

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