Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm Glad Tuesday Is Over !

I'm glad Tuesday is Over !... My morning was awful.. because I went to bed so late and got up at 4am..and that about kills me.. I dragged most the day and had the phone calls with John and Jane..

Some days I feel like smashing that phone..but then again that would be stupid ..however, I've been known to do lately pretty dumb arse things :)

I am using my NuWave Oven a bit more ..learn and go..and it's been not bad..still lots I want to do but not wanting to waste food..so I'm reading the info from the group I joined on Face Book and then I go try it out..

John did get his feeding tube inserted in his stomach wall and all went well..thank goodness and as Jane called me several times I told her to keep her butt home and let the man alone and let him go through this surgery peacefully..

Now on for another adventure..and speaking of which.. I've not been taking my Lasix since I had that episode of GOUT in my Elbow..still can't believe that one..but anyway now my leg is starting to leak water..so tomorrow I'll take a Lasix and pray they won't open in another ulcer..Lord I've not had them in a few years and they were buggers to clear up.. had to always wash my legs and keep my legs up all day.. got nothing done and was miserable..

That's about all of my humdrum day cause I was just to tired from the night before...and now it's bed time and I'm anxious.. Hope I get a good nights sleep..

So for those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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