Friday, June 27, 2014

It Surprised Me, It's Friday

It surprised me, it's Friday... I've been going around in circles and trying to get John taken care of and each time finding more things coming unglued..and the girlfriend acting like a horses arse to boot !!!

Morning was wake up at 4am and then I got them back to bed and we got up at 6am..hello there !!!... I needed that badly..then from there is was get the brats fed by 7:30am cause I had another mission to accomplish today..

Picked Carol up at 11am (John's neighbor) and then went in John's house to pick up the mail that Jane had left on the couch..(another surprise) ..then drove to John's rehab with Ipad and IPhone (for internet connection) and Carol was so happy to see him...

She and her hubby, Regis get along well with John as they give it back to him the yelling..oh yeah he does yell..and they no longer will deal with Jane..seems they all had a big fallen out..(who doesn't).. and so they will help John when he comes back home..thank goodness !!

Called up the online banking service and that was a nightmare as John can't deal with anyone peacefully..but I understood they didn't want to talk with me unless he gave permission...once that was done we got everything up and running..

As I was going to put all his bills on line..I realized that it would be a problem as direct draft..the money wouldn't be there when the bills would come in...Ok, change of plans.. He's gonna have to enter them as they come in.. whether it be me or the mail is picked up.. again another detour in what I thought we could put together.. back to the drawing board.

Still have to talk with a few more agencies to find out what help I can get for him.. and Bonnie is going to approach a few she does catering for.. Lord hope this comes together ..

Dropped Carol off at her place then went over to the bank and spoke with a good friend there to guide me as John is wanting me to have Power of Attorney... I'm not that egger,  as too many loop holes and also dealing with the girlfriend is a major headache 

Got back home and my brats were like crazed been a long time for them..opened their cages and they flew out the door..Oh yeah they were anxious..and then it was Raw Chicken night.. now let me tell ya ..the wild beast came out of them..seems it always does on those nights..Monday and Friday..

Watched a great special tonight and then got everyone out and now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow spend time with my brats and work on getting my "stuff" put up..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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