Monday, June 2, 2014

The Hardest Monday Of My Life

The hardest Monday of my life... and it's still holding on too me !..

The night before Zeke was not doing I was putting everyone to bed.. I took Zeke out and he could barely stand.. he worked so hard with me to come out the door and down the steps.. He was trying to please me again..

I knew this night was going to be a long one.. when we came back in the house he just laid down on the living room floor and didn't move.. He was so weak.. and I knew this was my last night with my big boy..

I sat on the couch and talked with him.. told him I'd love him forever and that tomorrow was going to be his day... to go home to the Lord and to be with Joe, Ms Reba and his gal Abby.. he looked at me and I knew he was ready..

Annie and Rudy was fussing as I was not back with them.. I got up and gave Zeke a good pat on the head and I knew he was ok with me leaving him.. he just wanted to be still..

Woke up at 4am and the brats ran out but then stopped in front of him.. then walked slowly around and out the door.. which isn't there thing.. but they knew Zeke was not well.. Animals sense that and these two settled down very quickly.

I helped Zeke up and we made it out the door.. this boy of mine was so good about working with me and not even making a mess.. which had to be difficult for him.. and he only was drinking water and everything with him was just liquid coming out..

As he went to move forward he fell down.. I grabbed him and took a bit to get him back up.. but then as we came through the screen door.. I just let him lay in the carport.. I knew he couldn't go any further..

Come 8:30am I called the Vet and they told me to bring him right in.. I called Rick and he was here in about 15min.. He and I got Zeke in the back of the van I had put a sheet down and some towels.. I got in the back with Zeke and Rick drove over... it was the longest ride ..and Zeke just put his head down..

Went into the back door and the girls came out and helped carry Zeke in.. Audrey said, "Oh no ! He's my favorite boy".. and she hugged me.. the rest of the girls were hugging me and Zeke.. Doc came back and looked and then looked at me.. I could see his eyes filling up.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place.. as Doc knelt down to me and Zeke he said, "I wish I could do a Miracle for you and Zeke" .. I answered..."Doc you have, he's no longer sufferening and now running to meet Joe, Ms Reba and his gal Abby. you gave my boy a way back home to the Lord ".. and I thanked him for all his kindness and care for my kids.. told them all too that they are now apart of my family and I hoped my young ones will behave and they all laughed.. but Doc did say, "Zeke was one of the best patients he's had in years.. "..made me feel Zeke truly was a dog that aimed to please.. if he trusted you..

Zeke's passing was so peaceful as Doc administered the drug..Zeke just leaned back and laid his head to the side and went  like he was just resting and then into a deep sleep... There was silence in the room and then I thanked everyone for caring and sharing this moment with us..

Got out to the car and I felt such a relief for him.. he tried to stay but his body just couldn't take any more.. he'd been through so much in his 10 years.. and I know he is now romping and enjoying his new world.. of happiness and some day we'll all meet again..

He was and is my Hero !

                                     Rest in Peace my big boy

                                    June 9th 2004.... June 2nd 2014

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