Sunday, June 29, 2014

Was A Good Sunday

Was a good Sunday.. morning was a great start off as Miss Annie slept till 5am..and that was the start of my good day too...

Coffee pot went on and the brats did their re arranging furniture and I sorted my pills of life..Ms Shug was up early telling me .."She loved me"..ah what a way to start a day..

I watched as Miss Annie and Rudy did their little show of shows.. "Who's got the bone".. and I'm telling ya ..they have this routine that's so cute..and Rudy is such a good boy..he lets Miss Annie take it from him.. hahaha

Then after I got through I called Bonnie as I had to go to Walmart..again to try and find those plant stands..and pick up a few a bag of bird seed to fill that small hopper so when I go home they will have food..I know I'm a sucker but I so enjoy those birds and my darling Woodpeckers that keep coming back..

We stopped at Arby's for lunch... oh, don't order their Rueben sandwich's not good..I mean not good !!!  but their onion rings are delish!!...Bonnie and I had some good laughs and then home we went..I dropped her off and then home I went when I realized I had her keys..OH NO !!!

Yep, called and I had to get back in the car and bring her the keys..but I took the brats with me I need to get Rudy use to the motion..he's terrible..but he did good..then back home I came..only to go back out again..Why????? because I forgot to pick up my Scripts at CVS...

Did I feel like I was going in circles..YOU BETCHA...hahaha... oh and Shawanna the pharmacist at CVS said to me as I was at the drive thru...MS BarBZEEE is that YOU ...hahaha  my hair cut.. I replied.."Yes, It's Me I'm Bald .."  LOL  she laughed but said.."it will grow back"..hahaha.. everyone likes it but me.. I'm just not use to it being so short.. like I was in boot camp..

Now it's bed time and I'm tired from going in circles ..LOL...but can't wait to hit that comfy bed.. and on with tomorrow which means.. I got to put my pedal to the metal... lots to get done and soon hubby will be here..

Those traveling stay safe and as always... God Bless Us All..

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  1. Still waiting to see a picture of the hair!?! Let Ms Shug be in the shot too! Lol