Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Enjoyable Sunday

An enjoyable Sunday ...went to the dog show in Orlando, Florida and got to sit and watch several breeds...felt good getting out and watching what I had loved to do !

Morning was crazy as I had to get my two darlings ready to take a road trip and for them it was "where's my food"..LOL  nope I had to skip that as Rudy doesn't do well in the car and I would feed him later...Miss Annie is a trooper she's use to traveling...and so we left in the dark LOL..

Ride down wasn't too bad ..Rudy did his foaming then uh oh here it comes..but it wasn't much cause he didn't get breakfast thank there and as I tried to let the darlings out Miss Annie wrapped herself around my leg and then Rudy came out full force and down I went..tried to hang on to him but couldn't and I heard someone yell, "Dog loose" and that quick someone got him..that's always great about a dog show ..I mean dog people go right into action and catch when a pooch is on the loose..and they know how too..

Spent several hours with Randy and enjoyed our chat as we both evaluated the brats.. Miss Annie has a good body but her head is just not coming in like it should so she's a "pet" which doesn't bother me as I love her anyway...and she'll be my show for Rudy, he is coming into his own and looking mighty good ..he definitely can finish...

Kim came over to see him as well...she is one of the breeders of his.. and she was quite pleased..I could see by the look in her eyes..she was impressed with this young boy... and boy did he ever stack himself and show off too..

Then after a few hours I headed back was a long day for me and the brats as well and when we got in Ms Shug was letting us know she missed us..she did put on quite a good show herself..

Tried to lay down and take a little nap but no going so I watched a little TV and then it was time to feed critters and Ms Shug as well..and then later on it was Ms Shug's time and I'm telling you she was at her finest..LOL...

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready... Hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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