Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh My Goodness It's Saturday

Oh my goodness it's Saturday... wished I could have slept longer but Miss Annie had other plans.. up at 3am and then I politely asked..."Please lets go back to bed" thank goodness Rudy followed my lead and of course Miss Annie hopped, jumped and barked all the way back to the bedroom...OK, Light's out !!!

Yeah I got in another hour and that was better ...but I sure hope I can grab a nap in.. even if just a half hour.. and so our day began..YUCKO..

I hear Thunder again.. yeah one of those kind of and on.. but sun did come out and at least it wasn't a that's not to too bad..:)...Got the critters done and then started tossing out some old plastic..

Have to make sure I drag two of the food bags that I used for Zeke to bring to Doc's on Monday.. as I'm picking up Zeke's Ashes and he will be home with all of us again... it's gonna be a little rough for me.. but I know I'll feel better with him in the house...even though I do know his spirit has never left us..

Did a few cooking things with my NuWave oven... made great bacon..and then lunch time I did those chicken nuggets..they weren't time I'll cook a little longer to get more I'm progressing on learning this modern new the fact easy clean up and NO HEAT..that's wonderful..

Taking tomorrow I've got my bedroom to go through on Monday..and that will be just going through and straightening up the draws..and then I'll do the back bathroom..

Can't believe how fast the time is going...watched my Humming birds today.. and boy they sure do like my juice..LOL.. even the cardinals have been coming more..guess they know I'm going home soon...but them black they can leave..cause they keep the other birds away...go away black bird...!!

Not much on TV so I kind of played with Ms Shug..she was in heaven LOL.  as for john and jane.. what a never ending story they are but now John is in a bad situation..they have to put in the feeding tube..or he won't make it.. till they can get that other hospital to admit him and do the surgery on his throat...

My phone hasn't stopped all day.. but hey, I know when things go wrong it seems to just keeping him from becoming a wreck and stopping Jane from fighting till all this is over with..

Have to make an appointment with Dentist for last work to be done before I go home... sure hope I can get in..and then get the rest of the work finished back home..

Now I'm beat and I'm gonna hit that bed...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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