Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Times Ticking On Tuesday

Times ticking on Tuesday...our early rise helped me today...I got a few things going on at the same time which at this late date is not a smart thing to do...however, I'm stuck with it !!!!

Brats got up at 4:30am and I was hoping for another hour but that didn't work out ...but I needed that time to look up more agencies that will be available to John..Florida isn't that great on programs..wonder why with all the Seniors that live here..but seems you have to either be a member of an organization or church to get help..

Bonnie does a lot of catering for such organizations so she's going to look into what we can get done for John at his house like a ramp and a few things inside to be done ...hopefully this can get started in the process before I head home..

Most of the day was trying to sort through a lot of papers and also getting referrals to a special hospital to get his surgery done.. spoke with Doctors and he has an appointment on July 2nd and hopefully he'll get the referral then..

Tomorrow I have to gather all his bills and get most of them to be paid via his bank..that will be a great help and also take a lot of the worries from him..also trying to find someone that will care for his dogs at a cheaper rate .

Got back to the house and was gonna cook a roasting chicken but it was too late in the day so I made a meatloaf in my NuWave oven.. I followed  the time for cooking from the NuWave site but next time I'll add a couple more minutes.. it did come out good..moist and lots of flavor..

Now I'm so ready for bed ..played with Ms Shug and now gathered up the brats got their chew bones and they is comfy in bed LOL..I'm gonna hop in soon and Mister Sandman is not far off..

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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