Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Been A Hard Day Tuesday

It's been a hard day Tuesday...trying to figure what I'm gonna need and what I'm gonna get rid of...like always.. I get rid of something and down the road I need it...but this time I've really got to cut my stuff out...

Last night I was really pushing my limit on tossing and turning..and finally I just zonked out...had so much going on mentally and of course the fighting duo never lets you rest..

Today John had to go back to the hospital and that was a wild scene..he's having problems swallowing and I had to listen to Jane do her thing.. screaming that he never should have left the hospital...DUH ????  I just let her go and when she went back up after John got there she found out for herself...

If the Doc asks John how does he feel ..he tells them OK..???? it's like a guessing game and of course the Docs don't have time to play along with everyone... Now Miss Jane is pissed cause John made a fool of her... so there ya go Jane...it's back at cha !!

I tried to get my spare room all cleaned out.. have to wait to get rid of the bags of dog food that Zeke was on.. when Dr calls me I'll bring it in with his meds as well..and then bring Zeke's ashes home... that will be a hard day for me.. I just miss him so much..

I ate too much junk today too..when I'm nervous look out and dealing with the duo was again a little too much.. so I chowed down on junk..OMG.. feel lousy ..hopefully I'll get a good night sleep without interruptions..

So that's my day and now it's my time to get under cover...hope all traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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