Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ah Good Ole Wednesday :)

Ah good ole Wednesday :)  it was not a bad day for me.. my start up was good too..Miss Annie slept almost till 5:30am..woo hoo...and up we all got and even after they went out they didn't get to crazy...they cut me some slack LOL

Most of the day I was kind of off my feet because my leg has decided to create a problem..LOL  I know here I go again..but it's been weeping...and I took my Lasix I've not taken it since I had the problem with my I probably caused my own problem..

But again it comes with the territory of my illness.. I just don't want it to abscess so I'm keeping it clean and washing it a lot as it's weeping.. and keeping my legs up when ever I sit down..

I've been also using my NuWave Oven a lot..because it's simple and easy to clean and no major heat..and so far so good...but I make sure I've read what other people have had great success with.. don't want to waste food..

Miss Annie is now talking to me..yep! she and I are getting our conversations going..she comes up to me and taps me (not lightly) and then looks at me and starts her little grumble then barks and lets me know she's got to go out...she's learning..then she wants up while I'm on the couch and gives me the tough gal routine..and you can see she's smiling LOL..yeah, she smiles..

Tonight I just took it easy watched So You Think You Can Dance..these kids are so good..amazing..glad to see it too..and then had Ms Shug out and she was in the cuddle mood and boy she just loves it.. I think she could go to sleep while I'm rubbing her..

The Fighting duo are now back to being Sweethearts ..good grief ..any way John seems to be coming along although he was a little crazed today not getting fed and I can't blame him..but seems the attending physician didn't write the script for his food..and didn't come in till 1pm was wild..but I spoke with the nurse and his Doctor and got it cleared up..was glad Jane was getting her hair done  LOL..  

Now I'm so ready for bed and get my legs up and enjoy my night sleep..and pray for all..and that our times will change with all this crazy nonsense very, very sad... Hope and pray that our economy starts to make improvement..Lord surly we need it.. too many are no longer working and losing all they worked so hard for...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

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