Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Felt The Empty Nest On Tuesday

I felt the empty nest on Tuesday...:(.... Monday night sleeping was not easy as I felt like Zeke was in my room.. even to the point I thought I heard him trying to come on the bed...and then I fell to sleep..

Morning was not great although the brats were in a better swing of action..Up at 4am went out and then I just said, "Ok, let's go back to bed" and amazing they ran right into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed..

Ok, I'll give it a go...however it only lasted maybe 15 minutes and they were like little bugs all over everywhere... sooooo off they went and into the crates.. I laid back down and just starred at the clock watching the time slowly go by.. thought I'd never get to see 5:30am..

We got up and I got the critters water and into the dog room and then I heard the alarm go off.. the ding dong of my IPhone letting me know it was Zeke's Med time.. yes, I sunk down deep in my heart and I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks..it's just not fair.. but I know in my heart he's at a better place and it's me that has to deal with what life does throw at us.

Most of the day I had calls from John at the hospital and it was so sad as his "true love" was off in Orlando with her cousin enjoying her week get away.. and while he is in the hospital... and they can't operate on him like that were planning.. he's not a good candidate for that surgery..

Shame how life again Whacks the Chit out of your sails..but it does.. I felt bad for him even though they are so both deserving of each other..however, you don't let you soul mate (if that's what they are) just rot... so I had to talk with his Doctor and find out what they can or can't do for him.. then I made sure he was getting what he needed and again tomorrow I'll do another few hours of work for him to get all his important papers in order and if they are gonna send him to a rehab the right one to go too...

I know he will be in the hospital a few more days at least but 6 broken ribs on an 82 year old man is not a good thing.. and worrying about pneumonia.... is where it's at right now... A lot of things in his life are gonna be a changing..

Tonight again was my down and up times.. I just tried to think the positive things and know that I miss that big guy ..and Ms Reba.. too close too soon !!

Tried to watch America's Got Talent but really wasn't into it... had Ms Shug out for a bit and she was just wanting to be cuddled and I did.. then it was bed time....

It will take me awhile to bounce back as there is just too much right now hurting.. ah and my pred is the last two tomorrow.. so look out here comes the aches back..crap!... but at least tomorrow I can work my butt off and get a lot done for the next few days....I'll be done !!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always... God Bless Us All

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  1. Thinking of you! Prayers for strength and serenity for you. So so sorry.