Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Father's Day And Sunday Too !

It's Father's Day and Sunday Too !... Time for a lot of memories to flash through this weak brain...sad that my parents are gone and have been for many many years..but these holidays always bring the empty feelings but again I think about the good ole days and the fun we had...that helps me get through these times..

Morning for me again came early but I got Miss Annie and Rudy back to bed and we got to sleep in some.. Yeah!!...However it's always my sorting of the pills of life for the week.. this time it was just for me..and you know I felt that ache in my heart start...Oh how I wish my boy was here...:(

I did get everyone their breakfast and I fired up my Nu Wave Oven..heck I need to get to learn to use it.. I mean it's a snap to do things in and clean up...heck no time...and most of all..NO HEAT and so far the things I've made have been good...but need to learn to make them even better....

Again another Thunderstorm ..but this time some heavy winds and I actually got to see a Squirrel get blown out of the tree.. I couldn't believe my eyes..had to call my hubby..and I was amazed.. but that squirrel got back up that tree might quick...OUCH !!!

Tomorrow I have to go into town and see the Zeke's ashes are back and I'm going to bring Zeke's food in to be given to a his meds..this is gonna be another hard day for me.. but at least he'll be home..

I did another goodie today... watched QVC and got another gadget..UH OH... but hey it looks really neat and we'll see.. won't say what just yet but I'll take a picture LOL...

Ok, I'm beat and my feet are aching...time to lay me down to sleep...Those traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All...

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