Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh My What A Friday !

Oh my what a Friday !... well it started off great with Miss Annie sleeping in again.. I do believe my little darling (notice she's a darling now) is liking the new idea of sleeping longer..:)

Then it went on to everyone getting done by 8:30am and I was out the door to drive to John's house to get all that stuff he needed done then met up with Bonnie and went to her friend's place and got a hair cut.. CJ is a barber..hence I know why my hair cut got so short..WOW... now it's in the style of Ellen DeGeneres hairdo...but I think mine got cut way a 1/4" all over OUCH !!

Hope my hair grows fast or I definitely could see brain fact I could wear a nightcap to prevent cold head hahaha...but I'm so not use to this. I didn't cry when I saw it but I could have in a heart beat as my hair was down to my waist...but again I needed it because my hair was breaking badly and I was starting to lose a lot every time I brushed it..

Oh well, it will grow back ...I hope !!!  but I do believe if she would have used a 7 blade on a electric shaver I would have gotten the same results..LOL  pinch me it's got to be a dream, wait more like a nightmare..UGH

Then I came home and just crashed on the couch.. Annie and Rudy were really good too.. I had given them their lunch cookie ...which is an Xtra Large Biscuit and they enjoyed it drank some water went potty then curled up next to me and we all took a nap..

This evening again was their raw chicken dinner..with some soaked kibble and two charcoal peppermint biscuits..and I sat in the dog room watching them eat.. I do that every time I feed them ..then when they are finished they lay down and rest for a half hour or so.. something I've done with my dogs for ages ..because being such a large breed I'm always worried about bloating..

Ms Shug always lets me know when time is up too..cause she gets her out time and I clean her cage..tonight though she was a little upset as my long hair was gone and no barrett to grab...she did complain big time..but soon as I started scratching her she got over it

Now I'm ready for the brats out as it stopped raining and then got their treats for bed and their chew bones..and off we all I need to just unwind and get ready for tomorrow..

Have to visit John and then get back home and put my legs up..trying to prevent my leg from getting ulcerated... and I'm hoping to be able to go to the dog show on Sunday and bring Rudy and Annie to meet up with their breeders..Praying that this will all come in to place..

So those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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