Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh My Stars It's Friday

Oh my stars it's Friday ...and so my life continues with another saga of the fighting duo... however, I don't have to hear it's all been one sided...

Last night I finally got to sleep my midnight and I slept hard..woke up at 5ish with Miss Annie giving me her one note tune...and Rudy was still in Zzzzzzzzzzs...but once I opened Miss Annies gate it was on for the morning rush hour..

The brats raced down the hallway and the leaps began..having to catch up with them and getting them out the door...thank goodness..and then back in to show me they are part grasshopper !!!

By about 7am they've calmed down and are ready for breakfast...and then it's rest for at least an hour..but this morning I had to get them fed and out and then make a trip to the post I decided they could come... BAD MISTAKE!

Mr Rudy did ok till we got back home.. YIKES..there was I said, "Bad Mistake on my part".  so I had clean up duty.. then it was man the phones cause John and Jane were at it again..

The best part is now she's accusing me of taking over LOL..well, hello there .. be here so you can take care of your boyfriend...but it really doesn't bother me it's too childish.. I mean I'm 70 yrs old who gives a rat's patootie..!!

Most the day was making calls to find a good Rehab for John.. and I came up with a couple.. seems the Doc felt he was ready to be released to one.. and before they day was over.. he was calling me from the Rehab that Paul (his friend and Cpt in the police Dept) recommended was a good place for well being taken care of..

My day passed pretty quickly...and I didn't have time to thing about anything other than making sure John was going to be alright.. and until I came back in the bedroom.. I sensed my big boy again..

Yes, tears filled my eyes but I do know there is no more pain and that makes me feel so much better...and life goes on..

Ok, my eyes are heavy and I can't wait to lay down and go to it's those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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