Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Chasing Day On Wednesday

A chasing day on Wednesday...morning was early 4:OOam and then stagger out to the kitchen and let the brats out ..we then manage to lay on the couch and get another hour in...

Today was gonna be a day I went to John's place to get all his bills in order and then get his account on line set up to pay automatically...but first stop at his house also visit his neighbor Carol who has been so helpful ..

Meet Bonnie up at the front of my place and then we proceeded towards John's house got the mail from Carol then headed over to John... The place he is in was very, very clean ..and no odor...for those that know nursing homes they can be quite shocking..this place wasn't and everyone was was cozy and the staff were very friendly...he's a lucky guy..

Was trying to log onto his account but apparently he's tried and online banking shut his account after we went through everything with John and called several places ..Bonnie and I went and grabbed a burger then on to the bank..

The gal in there was extremely helpful as I explained what had happen and I had called John while I was in there and she also spoke with him a few things cleared up but have to call the on line bank service with John and they will then reactivate his account on line..ugh another stop over again

Tomorrow is my day at the poor brats were crated for 5 hours and when I got home they were crosseyed..poor babes..and for Miss Annie that was a bit too long although she did the best she could and ran out the door like a bullet..

After I got done cleaning up and getting all fed and the next it was Ms Shug's time well I fell asleep on the couch with Ms Shug LOL..she liked that .. I woke up and realized it was bed the brats out and now we is all ready for bed..well they are in bed soon to follow..

Brain fried and body aching ...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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