Monday, June 23, 2014

This Should Be Called Crazy Monday

This should be called crazy Monday cause it really was...Morning for me was fine and I made it through the day...a little sore from falling yesterday but I managed.. My brats were pretty good..of course the usual of getting into anything that wasn't glued down.

By afternoon I had to the dealings of the fighting duo..they never stop and it's gotten fact Jane and I got into it pretty good.. to the point I told her never to bother me again nor even attempt to call..sick of the nonsense when all I've done was try to help..

Seems lately I've been getting kicks in the butt all around..tired of it and I ain't a gonna take this any more..!!!!  Nope closing my ears to it and only finishing up with John with the agency to get him help..and then it's color me gone !!

Tonight was another blurr and I finally stopped answering my phone..not worth the nonsense.. and I'm looking forward for tomorrow to go to lunch with Bonnie ..I think we are going to the Olive Garden.

Need to get a few more things done for heading home and soon hubby will be here and it will be like a mad, mad world  LOL..but it will be in out and load up..

Weather again was stormy and boy it came down like buckets..YIPES..but it go to hot and muggy afterwards...stayed in the AC..and just laid down on the couch and took the rest of the night easy.. have to make it up to Ms Shug cause I didn't get to take her out..

Now I need to crawl in and get some with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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