Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Gravy It's Thursday

Good gravy it's Thursday ..where have I been..LOL.. well again another nice sleep in I'm liking this... but I won't say too much... but it still felt great..

Trash day and I did get my frig cleaned out and a few more "stuff" put out to the curb..ah my kitchen is starting to look empty along with my frig ..:( I'll miss my days here but when I get back home I'll have so much to do plus all those Doctor visit I'll be glad to make that return trip LOL

Today I mainly had to deal with John and his Doctors as Jane was busy setting up her booth for the dog shows.. and complaining.."What's New" ????   any way I did get a few things done for him and then his primary Doc released him back to the rehab..feed tube and all..

Tomorrow I have to do some running in the morning and I'm gonna get my hair cut..woo hoo.. been ages but I so badly need it.. and then come back and just take it easy...

I now feel good about getting the two rooms completely done and come Monday I'll start on the last two to do...and of course getting my boxes of things that need to come back with us..just thinking about it is making me tired..

Of course it's time for bed and this again is gonna be short and brain can't handle too much lately...LOL.. with the mess going on with John and Jane it doesn't give me any chance to notice any other problem..but boy when this is over with... I'm gonna have lots to talk about  LOL

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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