Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodness Gracious It's Monday !

Goodness gracious, it's Monday !... Time is sure flying and soon hubby will be flying down and our journey back home will begin.. that long, long windy road home to sheer madness and loads of traffic..ah but good things too..

Morning for me is always a blur..although I get Miss Annie to start sleeping in a little longer and sometimes if I push it we could make 6am..but that's rare for me too !...

Most of the day was making my list and gathering clothes for the washer..she was hungry this morning LOL...anyway.. it was also trash day which I do the cleaning of the frig.. and of course it was the RAW chicken dinner for the brats..

I can't tell you how even though it gives me the willies it sure does make a big difference in their coats and they love it.. and I sit and watch them devour it too.. just in case I don't want anything to go wrong..eeeeeeeewwwwwwww :)

The day was long to me and boy it was has been that way the last few days ..the type of heat you go out and your chest burns from breathing in the heat.. No THANKYOU... I'll suck up the A/C..

John called tonight and he was kind of out of his head.. his meds were a little screwed up and he has this major issue ..he feels trapped.. and confused.. Oh boy I sure hope everything will be alright with him.. I'll have to call there tomorrow and find out what's happening..

Tomorrow I need to take Miss Annie to get weighed in as I give heart worm meds and I think she's about ready for a different dosage so I want to make sure.. and I can't pick her up to weigh I'll go into town to the Vets and that will be much easier.

The night dragged some too.. but soon those long nights will disappear back home.. hubby will be there and we'll have our usual discussion.. goodness I sure hope we don't agree to disagree hahaha..

Been using my NuWave oven and liking it.. no heat no mess ..what more could I ask for..LOL  wish I would learn more on using it..but don't want to waste food.. so I wait for someone to post something good then I try it..hahaha..Chicken betcha..

Ok, it's that time for me and I'm looking over and oh yeah.. I'm ready..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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