Monday, June 9, 2014

A Special Monday

A special Monday for me... it was Zeke's birthday..he would have been 10 years old...and boy I really miss that lad... but I'm ok.. I mean I felt it today..but I know he's no longer in any pain and that he's with all his family members..

Last night I did go into a deep sleep.. finally now my heart and mind are working together..and my body was in need of that too...woke up at 3am with Miss Annie singing however I told her.."Ssssh, go back to bed " and she did for at least another hour..what ever it takes :)

Most my day was getting things together as time is running and soon hubby will be here and we'll be driving the drive back NORTH...and the race goes on to all my Doctors..and if all goes well's the return trip :)

John and Jane have more or less settled in for a few days...and my phone isn't constantly ringing with complaints.. can't ever believe people can complain over NUTTIN'....

Tonight for dinner I fed Annie and Rudy their raw chicken thigh and Miss Annie did much better..she's getting the hang of it..but she still growled then shook it then dove right in..LOL  Rudy checks her out..probably things.. "What's wrong with her...".....hahaha

Clancy came over this morning and did my yard up.. he worked from 9am till 4pm...and always likes you to tell him ...."You did a great job"..which he really does and he loves that heat..OMG...he works hard..good man and smiles..

Put up my humming bird feeder because the big guy (hummer) flew by my window and was buzzing out side..I came out and he buzzed passed my head..LOL  he was telling me off as I hadn't  had one up with everything going I guess I had to obey hahaha...

We had a fast moving thunder storm plow in and was cracking right over my head... made me feel not too happy... but than goodness it passed fast..

Ya know I didn't even eat dinner .. I just was not in the mood but I did make myself a Root Beer that was goooooood ! ..

Ok, it's bed time and I'm so ready..tomorrow I need to get moving a little more and get all the dog food in order..Zeke's food I am donating..and his meds too.. and then need to get those containers out for the next trash.. as I bought ones that hold 10lbs of food and they have a nice snap down lid. I even bought liners to go in them so I don't have to keep washing them everytime I empty them.. I know I'm lazy..

So with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Rest well my big boy !

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