Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tried To Rest On Sunday

Tried to rest on Sunday...but seems everytime I'd try to lay down ..the phone would ring or an alarm was going off somewhere.. Ok, Ok, so I need to stay up...darn it !

My night wasn't to bad..however I still tossed and turned... a little jumpy..but I'm sure that will everything else.

The brats weren't bad at all.. they did their little action then they mainly stayed on the floor because it became really warm. I stayed in cept for that run that was fast

I had to deal with john and jane again today and no matter what you tell them they do the dang opposite...OMG...but I worked through it.. not that I made any sense..but at least it god completed

Thunder storms all afternoon and that always makes me nervous..

I'm too tired to even think..much less type.. however, the brats are slowly turning around and becoming more like mature teens  LOL.. but they are..cept for Miss Annie this morning chewing my credenza..OMG.. now I have to go to Ace Hardware and get one of those color sticks to cover things up...

Yes, she's part beaver I truly believe that or re-incarnated Abigayle..the real Beaver in the wood pile... and I do mean Miss Abby ate anything standing ..So now I'm on my guard and if she is laying she better be sleeping... or to the Moon the Moon !

Ok, I'm just too tired to type and think of my crazy day..Hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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