Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Shocking Saturday Too !

A shocking Saturday too..!  I'm BALD..LOL  well almost I mean a 1/4 " all over my head ...OUCH...

Slept and dreamed I woke up and all my hair was gone..but when I woke up.. it wasn't a dream it was real..LOL..yeah this is still taking me in to another level..

Most of my day was busy with John and getting things taken care of as I am planning on going to a dog show tomorrow.. to meet up with Rudy and Annie's breeders and have them see how they are progressing..

Then also I need to really get my house in order as it won't be long now and Hubby will be flying in.. and the mad rush begins..and I do mean begins and that long, long ride home..Brother !!!

Got to visit with a neighbor for a bit in fact I spent 2 hours at her house sitting on her porch.. haven't done that in ages..well since the pups came on board and it felt great just to chat and laugh and feel that nice breeze..from the storm approaching ..:)

Now I'm ready for bed.. again another short and sweet number but I've got so much whirling in this naked head LOL and I'm still in shock from my scalping..but hopefully it will grow fast..HURRY >>>PLEASE

So with that.. safe travels to all that are on the highway and as always God Bless Us All..

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