Monday, June 16, 2014

Not An Easy Monday

Not an easy Monday...for me it was going to be a little rough ride... as today was the day I was to bring Zeke's Ashes Home...

Morning came early like 4am and Miss Annie and Rudy was up and full of the devil.. I mean I couldn't get them to settle down so Up we all were...and then I tried to get Rudy and Annie to lay on the bed for a bit.. it worked for at least 15 minutes... Rudy did something that kind of caught me... He came up and laid right down beside me and put his head on the pillow..just like Zeke did...

I got choked up and grabbed on to him and gave him a big hug and about that time Miss Annie did a charge..she got both me and the bed they ran into the living room...Oh my stars..they are in the Wild Mood..

After I got their breakfast I got myself dressed and I went over to the Vet's office to bring my boy home... I got their and they all came out to greet me and gave me a hug..even Doc had a few tears in his eyes.. but once they handed me Zeke's ashes...I felt the heavy heart leave..

I had brought the food and meds from Zeke to their office and they were going to give it to the shelters..and home Me and Zeke in the house and placed his Urn on the dresser ..and yep, he's home and my heart felt good..

Strange how these things can make you the grace of God I was so fortunate to have such good fur kids..the four of them were always together and now they are back together again..

Most of the day I had calls from John and Jane..the fighting duo was going strong and John gonna have that surgery tonight to insert that feeding tube..don't get it..but makes them happy..

Later I got a call ..John was having a few problems with A Fib ..several times during the day his heart stopped a second or two so they called off the surgery till they could see what was going on... Why it doesn't surprise me..because of how bad they've been fighting over stupid crap too ....DUH ?????

Tonight Jane stopped in and my Rudy went bonkers he was all over her I couldn't control him.. and I had to put him up... I know he's a pup..but Lord have Mercy he was crazed...after she left I let him back out and he was sniffing the floor like a blood hound..the couch and up to the door...I looked at him and he was panting and frothing in his mouth..OH MY STARS..then he came by and started to hike his leg.. I caught him and let him have it.. out the door he went..then I put him back in the bedroom to bed...

DUH????? I then realized why.. Jane has her one female in season..and high season right not...and he smelled this on her..OMG...I never gave it a thought I got out the fabreeze and sprayed down everything the rug shampooer out and did my rug too...HOLY CHITSKI.. I'm exhausted..

Called her up and told her don't come over till your female is out of poor pup just got a sense of what it's like to be a MALE.. and also got his arse whipped..big time..!!!!

She thought it was funny..and me.. I'm wiped out and hope this never happens again..then I thought of Miss Annie...HOLY HANNAH....but when she comes in we will be in Pa..and my house is set up for separations very easy and if down here I'll send Rudy to his breeder for that time...No way will I want to go through that nonsense again..

Well time for me to dive into bed cause I is tired...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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