Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where And What Did I Do Tuesday LOL

Where and what did I do Tuesday LOL.. hahaha.. sorry but for me it was a crazy day and a silly one at that too... started the morning off not so bad.. brats got up at 4am and refused to go back to bed..Ok, so I'm up...ugh !

Came out into the kitchen and attempted to gather the water bowls cause I know my brats are thirsty as I take the water up at 8pm..and they go in their dog room and rest while I play with Ms Shug.. so thirsty is not the word..LOL.. Then they head out the door to empty..hahaha.. yeah that's how it seems..

Once back in the house it's "Hell's a Blazin"  cause they are on the road to somewhere and Lord help you if you are in their way.. they show no Mercy ...then it's hit it hard till they drop... Me, I learned the hard way.. with many bruises..to get out of their way till the wrestling and race is over...

They flop and fall out for a good hour.. which gives me time to get my pot of coffee on and post on my group to say, "Good Morning"..I've made it through another day.. 

Now this morning being the 1st of the month it's Heart Worm day.. so I needed to take Miss Annie and Rudy into the Vet's office to get them weighed in.. I knew Rudy would be ok as he's been on the 51-100 dose but Miss Annie I wasn't sure her weight..so got her now on the dose below Rudy.. for a few months anyway.. Rudy weighed in at 90.5 and Miss Annie was 45.8 ..so they are doing great and their hearts are sounding great too..:)

Rudy did really great in the car.. no sick pup.. Oh thank you !!  While at the Vet's office he was happy to see everyone and they were surprised at how big he's grown.. Miss Annie was a wiggle waggle.. and to get her on that scale..OH MY STARS.. she did wiggle.. then they met the "CAT"  with a few hisses and a tap with the paw..OUCH.. hahaha.. then a lady came in with her four kids and one in a stroller.. OMG.. it was wild.. Rudy was crazed to say the least.. the kids were all over him hugging and the one climbed on him to ride..the lab girl came out and was shocked... me too.. she couldn't believe that mother just let them go... they were having a ball and me.. I was like.. OMG.. they are like bugs..all over everywhere.. Rudy was just looking from one to the other..then out came the big tongue.. the one kid was soaked.. then Miss Annie was doing her thang too.. just wiggling.. and as we left I looked down at Miss Annie .. she had something in her mouth... Hello Momma it was the kid's bottle.. Holy Mollie  LOL

For my brats that was some experience.. and for me as well.. and I do believe the lab techs as well.. Doc just shook his head couldn't believe it either.. I bet his day was another surprise too.. hahaha

Came home and we all took a Nap... now as for what I got done.. mmmm I'm not really sure.. but what ever it was .. well there's always tomorrow.. oh I did call Bright house and Directv and got that taken care of.. see I did do something LOL..

Tonight I didn't cook.. nope.. I went to Hardee's and got a burger it was GOOD.. and that was that.. Watched America's Got Talent and then called it a night.. We all are now ready for bed and honestly.. it's gonna feel great too..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All..

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