Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rice Fields on Wednesday

Rice fields on Wednesday and my pressure still staying in low numbers ...I'm not feeling light headed at all..just sure hope it levels only taking pressure now morning, evening and night arm is killing me and you can certainly tell where to place the cuff...I'm marked..:(

Morning I was quite busy as I had to make the rice and veggies up now have enough for 12 days ..that is twice a day I mix the veggies and rice into their food..and even today Ms Reba really chowed down...ah that was a good feeling.

Gave Ms Shug a new toy and boy did she ever go after it.. I watched her rip that baby apart..OUCH..but she sure was enjoying it and I was glad cause I could get some work done..

Tonight I just finished taking my pressure and again I'm in the low numbers..116/66...might be what I'm gonna be and I hate the thought of another change in meds...but we'll see how this week goes..and that pressure was an hour after taking my meds.

Watched American Idol..boy those gals can sing..I think Janelle made a bad choice in her songs..but she does have a good career ahead of her..but for me..I still like Candice, Kree and Amber..Angies is good but to me sounds the same...but she'll do get too..

Now I'm tired and tomorrow meeting John and Paul for lunch ..a change of pace for me...I know John will behave as Paul won't tolerate it and being he works in the police department..this ought to be really interesting..hahaha..

I'm sure I'll hear some rather interesting stories and just enjoy the outing and good laughs..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...Us All !

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