Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh my Saturday was a Heart Breaker !

Oh my Saturday was a Heart Breaker !....for sure as this morning I was getting my Critters breakfast ready and I left the room for a few minutes I heard this un Godly sound come from the living was Ms Abby as she was down on the floor...

I couldn't believe my eyes or ears for that matter . She was down and yelling in pain..I came to her talking and couldn't imagine what had happen...but she was almost in a tight knot...I went down on the floor and grabbed hold of her and she was shaking...whimpering...I held on to her and Zeke was barking like crazy at me..moving in and bumping me.

That is something he has done when ever one of the other critters got hurt ..he tries to move you away from them..and that is what he was doing with me.. I had to yell at him to stop fact at one point I had to push him away..

Finally I got a chance to look and see what was going on with Abby... it was her leg..she apparently either twisted it or collapsed on it ...either she and Zeke were playing and she fell or he bumped her.. my mind was racing as I was trying to figure what, how, when and know all those things that come to your head..

But down she was and in not good shape.. I tried to examine her leg and move it some what and she just cried...till I got her calm there was no touching Abby...

I stayed on the floor with her till she calmed down and realized it was the hip and leg .her bad side and I just had this horrible feeling come over me.. like this is it.. it's that time that hubby and I had talked about...

When things did calm down in the house I fed the crew and Ms Abby gave me the she wanted her breakfast..and she was I brought her something to eat and she then wanted a drink...I was a little hesitant but I did give her some...and then she tried to get I helped her and we all went out ..I let her stay in the carport which is enclosed and she was content to be there..and that's where she stayed all day..

I'm amazed at how she is doing .. I mean she has had this leg problem for several years and a few times she's had bouts where she's moved the wrong way..but this time with her age I worried...and until just a few minutes ago I had made arrangements to take her into the Vets on Monday to say our "Goodbyes"

Heart breaking..very much so and you toss it over in your head and your heart when is the right I am doing now..Tonight when I went out to let her go potty she got up with just a little help from me and tried to put some weight on her leg...and kind of leaned on me as she went into the run and did her thing.

Coming up the steps she put her front paws up and I scooped up her butt and she turned and looked at to say, "Momma, ya better get that right"...yeah heart breaking..You betcha !

I talked with hubby tonight before writing and I feel I should wait and see how she is doing...I'm not gonna let Abby suffer by no means but I don't want to just take her life...

This is such a very difficult decision that only you can make yourself not anyone or suggestion...We love them so much, but again like I say, "They give us unconditional love, and only on this earth for such a short time...enjoy the moments cause they fly by".

So with my heart being heavy and as I say my prayers I'll ask for guidance and not be selfish. I just heard Abby walk back to the bedroom..she's in her usual I left her up front where she was cozy..but guess not she wants her "spot"...and she got up on her own !

Safe travels to All and as Always....God Bless Us All...

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