Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reality was Inevitable on Sunday

Reality was inevitable on Sunday !   By morning my hopes and prayers were some what answered..As I struggled to get Ms Abby down the steps and into the patio..she and I both had difficulties... I prayed I wouldn't drop her or she wouldn't fall...but fall she did once we were in the patio..thank goodness I have that matt down. I grabbed her and she and I together worked at getting her back up...and then to bring her back up front as I had a towel and pad down for her..

I left her in the carport where she could rest and not worry about making a mess..Ms Abby is a very clean dog and she has always been that way since she was a pup...even to the part of worrying when she would get sick..

You know just looking into her eyes...I can see her frightened..and I just want to hug her and tell her all will be ok..but it's's time for her to leave this earth and wander in the heavens and romp in those fields and meet up with the rest of her family that has been waiting for us all to return.

I find myself from time to time filling up and wanting this to all go away...and as I sat on the couch and looking around my fur babies are disappearing...I picked up the phone and called my I spoke he knew that I needed him to be with me..

As Abby is our Anniversary pup..Yes, she came home to us on March 18th, 2002 a day I won't forget..such a cutie she was and how she loved my hubby. Cuddled up next to us and never left our side..and my oh my Ms Abby was a chewer..and a good one at that.. I mean Cherry Mahogany was her fact her nick name was "The Beaver"...I bet she was reincarnated !!

Later during the morning hubby called me back to let me know he was on his way down...and he'd see me at 9pm...I felt a relief ..knowing that also Abby would see her "Daddy" one more time..and this we would do together.

Why is it never easy to say, "Goodbye"..but all the years we've had our fur babies and the love and laughs we shared it all comes so quickly..and they are gone...I wonder is it all a myth or will we really meet again..

Sad I am, but I am feeling that for Abby I am doing what's the best for her..she's had a long life (for Rotties) and never been sick and just a wonderful friend and the bestest toe that is something I'm telling ya I'll miss. She sure did clean your feet :)

The day has been long for me and tomorrow will be even longer...but I will call the Vet and make arrangements.. I will give my Abby a hug and pray that she forgives me for not getting her better...but I will tell her that I'm giving her back to God...

For all of you that have sent me notes and called...I do so appreciate your kindness and your prayers ..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All...and My Dearest Abby ...May you rest in peace till we meet again... I love you

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