Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mine is not to reason WHY? on Thursday :)

Mine is not to reason why on Thursday :)...OH boy...surprise, surprise.. Morning was some what of a get it done and hurry up and meet John and Paul for lunch...or so I thought hahaha..

My Blood Pressure has been staying around 107 -116/ I guess that's a kind of setting for me.. I'm not feeling light headed just am tired..but that can be from me doubling up on this one med..but we'll see come time I go back to the Doc ....

Got most what I needed to get done and headed out to have lunch with the two gents..Paul the police captain in town and John the fighting duo other half...and as it turned out Paul didn't make it as there was an important meeting that came up...

Well that didn't make John happy and I could see his attitude changing rapidly..oh brother here we go..his face twitched and he was getting in the ranting quickly I changed the subject and we started talking about the place we were in and how it still looks like the original Sony' they didn't invest in any money to dress it up..

As for the was ok.. I mean how can you do a job on a it was so so but it was an outing and I was happy about that but a little edgy with John as to his mood swings...ya know I probably could have brought my BP machine and watched mine elevate...LOL   but I will say, "I won't do this again unless I talk with Paul and know he's gonna be there"....too nerve wrecking for me !!!

After that I made a quick stop to Winn Dixie to get Ms Shug her snap peas...she loves them and slightly warm too hahaha....then came home and all of us took a that I needed after being on edge.. I don't do that well at all..

Later tonight watched American Idol and watched Janelle get the boot and I just knew those judges weren't going to save her..but she'll do well her voice was great for country music..

Now I'm dragging took my BP and it was 108/68 pulse 72 because I had to do it a crazy reading first off...always something !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All !!!!!

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