Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Thursday and Hubby heads back to Philly

It's Thursday and Hubby heads back to Philly..:(...I sure am thankful that he was able to get away and come down and be with all of us ..and especially Ms Abby...

Morning came to quickly and as like before when hubby gets ready to head home things are always quiet but this time was especially quiet...he didn't have to pack anything other than a jacket just incase ...and his nervous stomach wasn't gonna let him have breakfast..but he did have his Coke A Cola... I mean there hasn't been a day of our life together when the hubby has missed it !

Soon the van pulled in the driveway and away he went..and it was like he wasn't here.. I mean it was like a puff of smoke and through the cloud there was the nothingness...

Strange how that feeling comes over you.. I mean one minute you're talking and the next it's silence...ewwwwww I no like that part..then I sit and wait to the phone rings and I know he's at the airport...again another call let's me know he's boarding and then...the long long long wait..and this time it was extra long..thanks for the flight delays..and then the next call is ..."he's landed"  AMEN !!!

My day drags till I hear from him and then the next call..."I'm home"...ok I can now rest and do what I have to get done..cept this one time I had to get Zeke and Reba fed and now Ms Shug wants her portion..Yeah the Bird DAWG now gets the rice and veggies with a little Hotdog hahaha...she's becoming a character...

I'm still grabbing the extra bowls and making too much but that will soon cease in time ...when I walk into the Dawg Room I look for her...but that too will cease...when I bring her ashes home and place her next to Joseph I'll feel much better as wild as it sounds..

Tonight I watched American Idol while Ms Shug danced around the top of the couch...Good Lord that bird loves music and she can sure keep time too...and she just made me thing she jumps down lands on my chest (as I'm laying on the couch) and snuggles and watches along with me...and makes strange sounds...that felt I pet that Shug..

Ms Reba and Zeke were just watching finally Zeke came over and lay down along side me as Ms Reba began her melody of..."I want my treat NOW"  and you do give it to her cause she'll drive you NUTZ !

Just got off the phone with hubby as we say "Good night" and now back to the routine of make sure I call him in the morning..ah I'll snuggle up to Ms Reba and Zeke will lay on the bed for a bit till he jumps down and lays on the floor..I'll listen to the news and then pray that Mister Sandman comes and brings me a nice dream..

Those of you traveling Stay Safe and as Always....God Bless...

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