Saturday, April 27, 2013

Woe is me it's Saturday

Woe is me it's Saturday and I woke up at 2am tossed and turned and tried to go back to was one of those crazy nights I guess..however that start off puts you in the slug mode for the rest of the day...and I was pushing to get things half way done.

Started laundry and again that dang dryer ate another sock..I'm telling ya I know I put pairs in but that's not how they came out...sigh :(...and tomorrow I'll do another load as it was getting to warm for me and being the slug I was one big load was enough...especially with that pairing..YIKES... I don't mind washing them it's folding ...YUCKO!

Then got several phone calls today from friends that just want to make sure I'm ok and they have a "puppy" for me... as I tried to explain and I know they mean well.. I can't just replace Abby...that's not what it's about... and right now I don't want any more work...and besides Zeke and Ms Reba need the attention..

My decision on another critter is down the road...and maybe not...It will be when it's right and if it's right...and besides Ms Shug is a handful.. I mean she's getting so into just being a clown that when she's out she has me in her talons and I do mean TALONS...!

Most of the day I struggled getting in the motion to do some tomorrow my butt will be in gear...cause it's in I've got to go to the rice fields too and this time make my portions smaller :(....but cook the same amount..

Ms Shug is enjoying her evening meals now as I mix her the rice and veggies with a few other goodies and she barks as I come by and stop...It's now her thing to be apart of the Critters feeding time..and she's anxious..

Not much on TV other than I'm watching SNL (Saturday night live) and then I could just lean back and close my eyes...and the race is on cause here comes morning...well that's how it seems...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always and like before...God Bless Us All...

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