Sunday, April 28, 2013

My oh my it's Sunday, already !

My oh my it's Sunday, already !.... I can't believe how this week flew right by.. I mean everything seemed like a blurr...Woke up this morning a little light headed and took my BP and it was 106/66 and pulse was 61..guess you might say, "it was a tad low" I took it easy for a bit.

My morning chores were gonna have to wait other than get the crew done and everyone fed...Ms Shug was barking...I know crazy bird..she loves barking..perhaps it's barking orders and I don't realize that hahaha...

Later on I got back in the swing of things...Did up the sweet potatoes for tomorrows rice fields adventure..well after I get back from getting my blood work done that is.

Finished up the last of my laundry and then it was "Watch QVC"  OMG.. I bought another gadget.. I just had to treat myself and I'm not gonna say but I will take a picture of it when it shows up..hahaha.. it's for making desserts that has to be good.. using fruit now that's gotta keep ya guessing ....yummy too..

It was a different day for me as I wanted to get things done but with being light headed I didn't want to mess around so I paced myself and that couch felt might fine...:)..good thing that clicker was in reach..hahaha

Chatted with hubby for a bit as he was getting the mowing done and he has to take it slow himself...gosh both he and I are not in great shape..but we still attempt to work at getting it way or another.

I've got hitch itch bad and sure wish I had a smaller rig cause I probably would have went somewhere just to get away...soon that will come into play...a few more years down the road .

Now it's bed time and I'm like brain tired but have my list for tomorrow..Sure hoping this BP gets straightened out..haven't had to deal with this in years it's HELLO..keeping me company

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

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