Monday, April 29, 2013

A Busy Asp Monday !

A Busy Asp Monday !.....Holy Banana, it sure was a busy asp Monday... I mean got up at 4am and lay back down and woke up at 6am like if I was shot from a canon....and the race was on ...HUH ?????

Had many things to get done get the critters fed and Ms Shug clean and then get dressed and head out the door for Blood Work and to find out what in the world happened to that special test the Doc ordered..

Once I got to the lab and the gal got finished sticking me.. (that's how it feels too) I proceeded to investigate what happened to this special test that had to go to Virginia to be completed.

This test shows how the drugs you take are working in your body and what if any alternative you have with other or less drugs to accomplish better results.. that's all I know about it..

So I asked the gal in charge if she could find out where it was and why I hadn't received my results as I did pay for it.. well my insurance company did she did that and by 6pm tonight I got a call from the Doc office to come in on Thursday as they finally got all the data...and wish to discuss it with me..hmmmm sure hope it's good news and less meds that  would be a wonderful thing...

Then after that I shot over to Petsmart to pick up special food for Ms Shug and got her a few goodies..then I got hungry and thought I'd treat myself to we go..the golden arches hahaha...but surprise as I pulled up to the window at 10:30am to order breakfast..they weren't serving they were now serving 10:30??????? WHAT?????? so off I drove to head to Cracker Barrel to get breakfast and the place was PACKED...all with motorcycles as it's BIKE WEEK in LEESBURG...OMG...again I head down the road...hungry and now I'm heading to PUBLIX...that's bad ...YEPPERS BAD to go into a store when HUNGRY !!!!

Don't ask what I bought but I had lots of things I normally don't eat but today I'm eating CHEESE CAKE...oh yeah !!! :) :)  :)  :)

Also picked up veggies for Shug and things I needed that I buy only there and home I drove hungry and willing to just dive into anything within reach...and all I wanted was an egg mcmuffin...:(

Home I was and I had so many things to do I was spinning in circles but I did accomplish hiring someone to take care of my house when we go back home ..She'll come in and check weekly and then once a month vacuum and dust..of course she won't be like Diane but then again I don't think I could ever find another Diane and Bob..

So sometime in May she and I will get together and discuss a little more...but I'm glad I got that done and then I went on to cleaning up the kitchen and putting stuff away.. it tends to build up on me ..when I'm not feeling well I just lean back and put things in piles to be put away..makes life easy when I get the energy..

Later tonight I watched the Voice and recorded Dancin with the Stars...the Voice has some really great singers this will be hard to pick a winner...I have so far several favorites..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow is another winner as I've got a few things to cook up and get ready for the freezer...but for now I'm ready to meet Mister Sandman..bring me a nice dream will ya please..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

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