Friday, July 1, 2011

The Hubby Arrived and on Friday :)

The Hubby Arrived and on  Friday :)  OH YEAH !!!!  Hubby arrived after 4pm and walked right in the door..Critters jumped up and so did I.. course I didn't wag my tail nether did Zeke and Abby (they ain't got no tail ) and Joe and Reba even woke to say, "What took you so long" ? ....Yeah the crew and I were happy..but he had to wait a few minutes cause trial was in action..HA!

This morning was a bit busy for me and the weather wasn't going to co operate either...even the court trail was active. My eyes and ears were glued as I watched this "MESS" come to some sort of a "Mexican Stand Off".  I could tell by even the looks that this Judge wasn't gonna put up with too much nonsense.

The rains did come and so did the darkness in and out of it eyes and ears were watching... I just don't like them storms...and those heavy sounds of thunder. I could feel the vibrations...WOW  ...let me close them curtains so I don't see...even though I can feel...

Humming birds were active...poor things..they wanted to make sure they got that good juice and take cover...speaking of which I had my blankie near and I was ready to DUCK !

Hubby was happy to be here..told me the landing was a bit rough...I bet !   As I was watching the trial the news media was having problems and showed the dark cloud over Orlando...Yeppers hubby was landing just as the down pour came.... Thank goodness he's here...Now I can sorta rest..(maybe).

We had Chinese take out for dinner..hubby went into town and made life easy as we sat across the table from eat other and enjoyed every bite ..then fell out from being filled to capacity... Was good breaking (rice) bread with the man I shared most of my life with...(when ya think about it..almost is correct)

The "Bugger" showed up tonight just a gnawing at my Hibiscus..I had to have hubby take a looksie...he just I tapped on the window and told that little "Bugger" ..enough is enough..move on.  That Bugger just looked up and enjoyed that leaf...

Ali, you asked how my foot was....well, it's still on the end of my leg..HA!   The doc I went to down here didn't do anything for me other than give me some ointment to rub on when it starts aching again..It took forever to ease down .  I know it's there  and it's not bad once you get through the flair up... sure hope I don't  have too many of them .  Guess this is another gift in aging material matter..Living with Arthritis flair ups I have to say, "I can fully understand how much grief comes along with it.."   Now at least I know what it is and sure hope it's a long time before I remember again.  Thanks for keeping me in your know I need lots  :)

It's night time at last and both hubby and I fell a sleep in my chair and him on the couch..Don't ya just love it when you come to and have to get up and go back to bed... Had to load the dishes and let the critters out and off to bed I'll be in a few more minutes...Read my email and check my web sites and pray for all my "Sistahs" and their adventures..

Paulette if you're reading I sure hope that AC gets fixed and YES, it's Always Something with these RVs..more like Never Ending...Cha Ching !!! PLease take care and am anxious to hear about your GTG and looking forward to ours too !

Good Night All and God Bless ...I hear the hubby calling :)

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