Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday is finally here

Sunday is finally here... The end of the week or by some calendars it's the beginning of the week..although I have to question that ...because according to the Bible..."On the 7th day our Lord rested..So that being so.. to me it's the last day of the week and a REST DAY... I agree 100%...and therefore, I do NOTHING>>>> well that sounds good but I've got a pot of sauce on and the smells are good..

Hubby is off to teaching "Sunday School".. he loves that.. and I am off to doing a catch up and get over ...Make dinner for when he comes home and watch the latest 2 NetFlicks that have come in on Saturday.. Cause nothing good on the Tube... and we get a chance to watch and enjoy together.

I do have a little bit of laundry to do..the critter beds and then it's check out what's available on the net that I might catch a few good deals..Oh and QVC  ya know I have to check what is TSV..(today's special value) I mean you all know I'm a "gadget guru"...if it's out there I have to check it out and if it falls in my category of making my life easy... it's in the mail....HA !

Diane and Bob are back home and already checked in to go over what I wanted them to do in the house in Florida.. I'm getting the excitement buz..cause we talked about painting and Bob making molding for the rooms ...YEE HAW... it's gonna come together...Is it Oct yet ?   Oh and I did make a call to Clancy and I had to with leaving I forgot to call him..  Clancy, in his usual manner.. let me know that my plants are looking good and with his dry sense of humor  let me know .. "he likes being praised for his job well done "   He sure does do a fantastic job.. I adore his humor.. and him as well..

I sure let Clancy and Bob and Diane know each time I talk with them .. How they are so important in my life and I'd be lost with out them.  I'm very fortunate to have come across all of them.. They are honest and hard workers..not many of those kind left..  I have such a big thing about people's work ethics.. I worked very hard in my life from a 13 yrs old till I was forced to retire due to my health issues..cause I know I'd be one of those people that would have worked till the day I died... I loved working and learning more and more.. I thrived on it.. So I can fully appreciate Clancy, Bob and Diane...

I've got another list going on things I have to get done here in Pa.. For one the porch railing has to be painted.. now that's a crappy job.. I mean you sit and bend and squeeze between each little railing.. Oiu.. what a pain !
It has to be done.. and I have the little chair so if I don't appear after a few weeks you know I am still in the sitting position.. and it does take forever...which I had a Diane up here.. it may take me till I head back to Florida but it will get done...

Have appointment tomorrow with the GYN..that I'm not anxious but I have to find out what's gone wrong..hoping for a "Fluke"  but my luck is never that simple.. Then I'll make a stop at the store on the way home as I want to pick up a few hanging plants for the Shepherd's hooks I have.. I need color out there on the porch.. Sure miss all my plants... I have lots of empty pots and I'd like to put a few things out..just to brighten up the area...

The Critters are doing better today.. thank goodness and their appetites are improving.. Cooked up a big batch of chicken so I'll make up some critter goodies and then some chicken salad too for the week.. Surprised..but when I cook up chicken I do for  "Them" and "US".. hey one pot deal .. makes life easy for ME...and yes, I fit in the  "Make it once, eat it all week"... Ha !

Well, I need to get the meat balls in the pot and get them cooked then put things up and begin again with another few meals... Have all my "stuff "  ready to put away and freeze ... Gosh I love that way of cooking.. making the mess one day and then just click of the micro and dinner is served...Yeah, crock pot is also gonna be ready to do her thing too...Now if only the house cleaning could be done the same way...:)

Have a great day all...God Bless....

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