Monday, July 18, 2011

My First Day.....Monday

My first day....Monday.  Beginning with a "new" keyboard. This is a little bit different and finding where everything is place is just a little challenge for a MONDAY...I've not looked at my keys when typing in ages..but I feel a just a tad bit strange..every once in a while I take a looksie cause the fingers feel strange but the wrist feels great..a resting place for them ...

I heard Zeke with his baritone voice do his little "ruff, ruff" to let me know he wanted my attention..the eyes opened slowly...Reba was along side me on the top of my other pillow and Joesph was right at my side on his "blankie" Abby was at the foot of the bed..but trusty "Zeke" was right at my face..."ruff, ruff" .. I guess he needs to go out..sure did beat me to the slider...Poor hubby has to deal with this goodness no wonder when he wakes he's complaining and ain't smiling...Now me I'm not a smiler..however, I don't speak..(unlike hubby) until I get my cuppa cause it wouldn't be nice...Just call me "Grumpy" and that's putting it mildly..

One time on one of my long away from home trips I had my girlfriend Helga along with me.. we were gone almost 3 months.. I was doing trade shows and dog shows combined...Helga was a neighbor and a friend..(not all neighbors are my friends..just a Hello and Goodbye type) Well getting back to Helga..she and her hubby Edward lived a street away but we became friends shortly after I bought my house.. Edward would walk his dawg Rexie down the street and let Rexie run in the field...He would always say, "hello" and as usual  I would reply..on occasion  Edward would stop and just have a casual chat.. We soon discovered we were all "New Yorkers" and that's how we became friends..Lots of mutual understandings about life in general and some what same "habits"  ...I'm smiling cause New Yorkers have a certain distinction about themselves..and we all kind of agree on a lot of topics...especially other people's behavior...HA !  Like ours is always, always right on the money !!!

Anyway Helga would often come with me to dog shows and some of my wild and crazy happening road trips..cause in the beginning of my motor home trips I had some unusual happenings with the rigs ...I still to this day laugh about a lot of it and how the heck did I get through it all...guess it was my "New York attitude" that let me survive . Meaning we take a lot of issues in stride..shake it off and get on with the next...and I had some strange issues with "New Rigs" that were pushing the limit...and that's saying things "mildly."

Ok getting back to she somewhat Marches to the beat of a different drum...(not meaning she's a wacko) just that things don't phase her and sometimes I wonder if maybe that's why she will most likely out live everyone around her..Her demeanor is very matter what.. I mean I could go from zero to a hundred in no time flat and with Helga she stays at zero ...maybe might jump to a one. Anyway on these trips every morning when Helga would wake up she'd  have a "happy persona".. and me with the "Don't talk till I have my cuppa"  Helga would say.."Good Morning Barbara, did you sleep well " ? it was wild.. I would give her the look.. "Like why are you so freakin' happy" ?  HA ... I'm thinking now she must have thought I was the "Wacko".. most likely I was.. but I never met anyone like Helga..  every day it was the same routine no matter what !  OMG.. 

No wonder why we had so many people around us.. I mean Helga made friends with everyone..and I do mean everyone...I'd come back to the rig (where ever we were parked) and there would be different people outside chatting away..Now I'd look and wonder.."What's this about"... HA.. She was and still is a "happy person". and imagine we are still friends....How did that happen ?  

I would often tell Helga.."you should have been a kindergarten teacher..You missed your call".. she could have even been a politician.. she'd get lots of votes...I can still hear her chatting away..oh and another thing about my friend Helga.. she was a great conservationist.. I mean that woman could talk.. on or about most topics.. Now she and I would have our disagreements..but we never got evil.. you couldn't cause she was a "happy" person.. Ha !  Helga my friend was a great traveling person..We explored a lot of areas and  no matter how things went astray..she'd still say, "Well, we learned something out of it".. and it's true we did..

 Ok, ok...I need to get back to my Monday.. but I'm gonna have to one of these days do some chapters on my earlier days cause they will make you all laugh and then shake your heads wondering how in the world did I get to where I the way.. "Where am I"  ?   Ha .. have to get that coffee and get Critters fed and then it's on with the Doc visit today...Yikes I just need to get through that...then it's on with the next event...

I hear hubby..gawd I got a little carried away..but hey that happens..must be a carry over from "gift of the gab" segment...or is anyone out there listening..???? There are days that I seem to just ravel on ...but it's good to let your thoughts out even if to some, it makes no sense..

Morning looks great and I hope the rest of the day follows the same pattern..and then make my stop on the way home to pick up a few more things maybe even treat myself to late lunch or a Cold Hot Chocolate at Dunkin Donuts.. that reminds me of a Egg Cream  I would get as a kid at "Pops" candy store...a New York drink that was delish !

I'm off for another cuppa...catch ya later.. May all your days be great...

God Bless

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