Friday, July 8, 2011

What Thursday.....It's now FRIDAY !

What Thursday....It's now FRIDAY !   HOLY COW...yep...HOLY COW...we made it out on Thursday by the skin of our chinney chin chin...and that ain't a whistlin' Dixie or what's the facts man ..just the plain facts..  Never thought we'd get out with so much happening...Joe was not doing well and we thought we might have to take him to the Vets the night before we took our time and then had to do a flash dance to get out..Poor hubby was sweating bullets and I know I heard my name used in VAIN...(he's gonna go to hell that man of mine )  any way out the drive way we neighbor Betsy was waving us bye bye...or maybe was it "Good Riddens"..NAH..only kidding..(maybe...maybe not )..

We didn't hook up the car cause we had a last minute pit stop at Winn Dixie for milk and a few other things while I drove up the road onto I 75 and told hubby to meet me up at the rest stop ..where we connected the car and rig ..joined at the hip they are :)

Off we drove all the way up I 75 to...I 10 towards Jacksonville when out of the sky came the biggest cloud burst...I was just about blinded by the rain...I mean I remember yelling ..."I can't see a bleeping thing"...and I really couldn't and I still can't believe I had the rig on the road...the trucks were passing me so fast I was feeling the "whoosh (new word maybe)  and we were rocking..I had the flashers going and I had to slow down and try and find a place to pull over too...It was horrific..I mean I couldn't see and I couldn't believe the cars and trucks were still in high gear...the water on the ground was making slushing sounds and I could feel us the road I went and pulled over I'd say at least 20minutes...

That was the first time in a long time I could barely hold it together.I mean I had that awful feeling that some one might jack knife or crash into we were on the side of the road ..we rocked as the trucks kept rolling by...what amazes me is how they could even keep up that pace of speed...Lord has got to be with them..!

After a while we pulled out and continued up the road..I got into Brunswick, Ga and stayed at one of my parking haunts..Flying J..we pulled in let the Critters out..Fed them and ourselves and then called it a night I was wiped out...and had a few flash backs and shook my head and thanked the good Lord for letting us arrive safely...!

The next morning we got up and fed the Critters and headed up the highway to where we are now in  Latta, South Carolina...I make these stops on the way up and back ..these are like home spots for me and I feel good about just driving a few's generally 5 hours between places with Saturdays being more like 6 1/2 hours.. I get the Critters rested and fed and then me and hubby and we're not falling out at the seams..

I remember when I did this trip in 2 days but no more for me..I now take my time and pace it...I feel much better and it's a lot easier on the Critters too..With Joe and Reba now over 15 they tend to need the time...They are all crated while I drive so when we park they get to enjoy out time and laying around as we lean back as well...

In fact today we got here (Lotta) around 1:30pm and after the Critters had their out time we had lunch and then took a nap...Ah the good life as hubby will smile and say...but it does make life easier not rushing.. The roads were good a little rain today but not much ..not at all like yesterday..

Tomorrow as we head to the next Flying J in  Carmel Church, Va the roads will be pretty good cepting for one thing... I take the by pass on 295 to avoid going through Richmond and that nasty road...bumping you all over the highway...Those that know me ...know how I dislike bridges..but I'll suck it in on this one as it have a few lanes and I can get in the middle and not look over but I can assure you that hubby will say,  "Hey, Zeee...check this out "  and I of course mutter..."Stop It, Ya know I  won't look "   but I do...DUMMY !!!

So until tomorrow night I'm gonna sign off and put my feet up and a little reading as I haven't connected the tv cover is a bit much and besides I'm TVed out ...

Till later folks...God Bless All

Psst...Paulette...aren't you lucky ...better you than me :) HA!...sorry to hear about the AC..but I do know how you feel...we'll be catching up with you one of these days..:)

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