Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oi, What a Sunday :)

Oi, What a Sunday :) ...I'll say, "It was another Winner"...Ya should have been there ..HA!....Started off the morning with the usual...quick get the critters out and fed and get me my cuppa coffee after my pill distribution.. They get put in their proper places for me to day all day long and all week long...

Then my hot cup of coffee is poured and I sit back and just enjoy slowly without any interruptions. What a pleasant event...TV put on cause it's the court case again..this time it's the last go around...better make sure I record it cause we're taking John out for lunch...

John had told me all about this fantastic place called "Embers" great the food was and they have a wonderful buffet..Ok, ok we decided that's where we'll go... So we met John at the front gate and he piled in the car and off we went...Things went smoothly...(well I thought they would) and then we pulled in the parking lot of Embers and got out and walked in to a dimly lit restaurant..

Now knowing me ya gotta first understand...I'm not one for dimly lit places to eat... I want to see what's walking on my plate ...:)   I had to adjust my eyes and felt like I was gonna need a walking stick to poke around to find where I was going...People were starting to pack into the place and we were there like 11:30 am...

Everyone seemed pleasant and we were given instructions on what to do...Ok, let me at the food I'm now hungry...Salad at one end and Meat and other goodies were more at the back and of course there was a desert table too...

Now to make a long story short as I'm really tired... Salad was good...and for me that was the end of it... I felt it was more over rated.. I had prime rib and that was more room temp than anything..not a great flavor that I'm use too..but hey, I could deal with that..the rest was not my cup of tea and beside John was starting to get his usual attitude going on with the chef...I took a look and saw the facial expressions and I thought..."Oh no, not now...Hubby looked at me and couldn't believe what he was seeing..."  didn't take long for John to get his mean streak going and thank goodness the chef didn't argue back... Hubby looked at me and I know he now understood why I don't usually go any place with John... You can't trust how he's gonna be...such a shame cause it ruins the meal... and that's what it did for me..besides the fact that what they had on the buffet was not really my liking...Lots of strange looking "things"  and everything was disguised in some sort of casserole...Hey, where's the veggies ???? 

Hubby learned quickly that we won't do this again and I was so glad it didn't last but just for a few moments...Thank you Mr Chef that you didn't continue..and thank goodness Hubby didn't say anything either...So moral to my story...Oi, what a Sunday !!!!

We came back and just hung out watching the rest of this trial and later we made (you'll love this) bologna sandwiches...and enjoyed them :) and Critters were happy we were home too...

Tomorrow we'll start to load up more and then slowly empty the frig into the one in the rig..then we'll carry out the freezer and then start adding the clothes which I want to take back..we'll get those boxes cut up too and place them packed for the trash... Might have to make a small batch of Critter food so I won't run out till I get home...

Our list is gonna get put together again and then the rest of the work load to be done like laundry and making sure all the meds are loaded in..only what I need for the week left out..

My day is now coming to an end and I'm ready to tuck in...I just heard hubby let the critters out for their last go round till morning...Thank goodness no big major issue..cause there's always tomorrow..

So...Good night all and God Bless

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  1. Hopefully Hubby gets the mrs. diaper on right tonight.

    Sorry for the disastrous lunch date. I have been with friends who have done similar behavior and it is plain embarrassing.

    What a day on the show today - loved the Judge and interaction between Ashton & Biaz - thought we were going to have live fireworks for sure.

    Have a great day on Monday!!!