Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a two sided Tuesday

It's a two sided Tuesday....by that I mean I go from one side of the office to another for my Doctor visits this AM.  Lucky me I have one at 8:00AM and the other at 9:15 AM...guess I'll have a cuppa coffee with my Doc today... He'll do the usual ..Like ask me how was my "Vacation"...we'll have a good laugh and then I'll try and convince him to move to Florida so I can have a good Doc.

Then I have to go to the bank and change one of my accounts as it seems since Wells Fargo took over there are new "polices" that are now in forced..which means if I'm lucky they won't mess up my direct deposit on my Social Security...Just perish the thought cause any changes with that and it would take a miracle to get it straight..Just like how our government is running now...so efficient...YIKES...too early to even thing about it .

Then after I get through with that mess it's a hop skip and a jump back home ...but a quick stop at the Golden Arches..(McDonald's for those that don't know) and then fix breakfast for the Critters. They should be jumping by the time I get back..I'll give them all a big "Cookie" before I leave....they'll like that but I do know the look when I come home..."Where the Heck have you been" ?  Yeah any of you that have Critters know what I mean.. Like we should have approval first..of course there is the "Glee Club" routine..Hope the new neighbors enjoy the harmony :)

Coffee pot is on and I'm waiting my first cup..took my meds already and then it will be "Jump in and Jump out"  the shower of course as hubby and I will have a race to who gets the best one...LOL...I always win cause Ladies before Gents...I bet he's sorry he's a Southern Gent  >>>>HA !

The weather this morning is muggy and hot and suppose to be a really HOT one today...Thank goodness I'll be in AC most of the outing...Maybe a quick stop and the Acme...haven't been there in over 9 mos..might have put some new goodies in...I'm sorta getting a little picky on what I like...Uh oh !  that's that ole syndrome coming into play..My GAWD  I'm an Ole Lady Who... .....Next I'll get a little cranky..wait.. I am that way now what do I mean next ?   Best get my act together and get that cuppa cause I need that caffeine fix...

Later all hope your day is a good one... God Bless

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