Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holy Cannoli it's Saturday :)

Holy Cannoli it's Saturday :)  Whoopie..we got up at 6am ...Critters done did and fed and then it was "Get me a cuppa Coffee"..cause I needed it..oh and by the way..the Flying J in Lotta no longer has a restaurant...SUCKS...but the manager said..."this will still be open and maybe they might decide to put one back in"...sure hope so cause I really like that place..

Any how we left with my coffee and a few donuts..(hey all helps when you're driving ) So off we went into the wild blue yonder and wasn't a bad drive even though it was 6 1/2 hours..we did stop at the rest area just entering Virginia..Critters made a quick pit stop and so did I...(must have been that strong bitter coffee yucko) again and then hubby had me take the bypass in stead of going into Richmond..we went around and YES across that BRIDGE that looks like a sail hubby tells for me I look straight ahead and no place else till I get to the other side...(I did tell ya I don't like bridges of any kind no matter how big or small)...and then we landed at the Flying J in Bowling Glenn or what they call Carmel's a good one and I got my usual spot...and yes, another Denny's ..not that there is any thing wrong with it.....HA !

We gassed up the "Mabeline" and then pulled into my normal resting place..let the Critters out and hubby went inside to get himself (me too) a BURGER  and it was delish !!!  then we fell out..all of us and took a nice nap... boy did we need it....

Here I sit on the puter just finishing up my orders for Amazon and PetSolutions ..diapers for Reba and Joint Pills for Abby...gawd I can love this shopping cepting (here we go again) for one small problem...with PAY PAL..(not my pal any more)  as I tried to apply my order pay pal kept telling me I  reached my limit..."What LIMIt"... I don't own any thing.. I use my Amex card so why do I have a limit...well now you all know me ..could I let this go...NO WAY...not in this I called their number as I was completely confused...(Surprise Surprise)... I get this young lady on the phone...who by the way is snapping gum....(don't ya just love it)  and I ask her..."What is this limit thing and why is it asking for my bank account info"..?  she then replies..."well you've reached your limit on buying "...?????? "What"..?????

"Yes, you've reached your limit on buying and in order for us to identify you must give us your bank account info"...HELLO THERE>>  I have to say that ticked me off..and I asked her "What LIMIT do I have or had " ?  She then says..."$2100.00.." ...oh this gets better... I couldn't imagine how could I have a limit when I use a credit card and do not have any balance with pay pal...oh that I did ask.."Well, what is my balance cause I haven't used this service since at least last Feb 2011.."  she simple says, "Oh, you have no balance"...Confused again I ask.."Then what is the limit thing about" ? 

Here comes the winner..."It's the amount you have bought"..Yes, you are reading this right..if you buy items on line they add up..even though you don't owe anything..hahahaha... I had to ask for a "Supervisor"... I couldn't get this in my head no matter how hard I tried... Supervisor comes on...and with a wonderful attitude...oh this is making me smile and I still can't figure this out..not yet..this guy "Will"..says to me.." Now didn't you read this before signing up for pay pal..." ?   Huh ?  "Wait Will, when did I sign up"?   Will's reply was..." 2003"...uh huh.."Hey Will" tell me what I agreed to and I'll tell ya if you're right "......"Will is silent then says, "Well, I don't know" reply .."Exactly neither do I"... then Will says,  "Well we have to have your bank account info so we can verify who you are "..."Hey Will, if you don't know me now after 8 years, I don't think you will ever know me...and you "AIN'T GONNA GET MY BANK ACCOUNT INFO... "...

So if you get this story please email me cause I still don't get the limit balance...hahahaha...I'm sure Will is still trying to figure out what I said to him....Oh and then he tells's not safe to use my credit card on line...and I explained to him...that's why I'm not giving you my bank account info either... GOOD BYE  !!!

That was my chuckle for the day so Monday I'll call Petsolutions and order Reba's diapers direct...and all do keep in mind if you use Pay Pal..if you feel that comfortable in giving them this info..understand what you might be letting yourself in for...if they don't choose to use the credit card they can draft directly out of your savings or checking without paying the little interest on the credit cards that merchants have to pay...tuck that in "info learned".

Now I'm getting ready to feed the critters and check my emails...Oh and I did tell Pay Pal I was putting this info on my blog...I felt it was something I needed to pass on to others...just for keeps sake..

Catch you all later as tomorrow we head back into Pa from here...without any more surprises..I hope :)

God Bless...

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