Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Wednesday

What a Wednesday !...Hubby done worked his butt off and I directed..well I did help but I couldn't carry the heavy stuff..but I was good at pointing and saying.."Here, place that here...take this next..ok, you did good now how about this stuff:.."  yeah the man was biting at the bit...with a smile and saying to himself.."Where did I go wrong" ?????

Of course let me say..."I use to this all by myself all the time and now he's finding out why I got in the shape I am today"...HA!   Sounded good but a lot of it is true.. I was a hard headed woman who didn't need any help...boy was I dumb...I should have let others help me......See ya never to old to learn  !

We did get a lot done and only in the morning I have to wipe out the frig and wash the the vacuum and then sit back and take a breather...then it's load the critters in and head out on the highway..

We'll most likely hook the car up at the rest area as I need to stop and pick up milk so I might as well drive on up and hubby will catch up with me..Our plan is to make it to the Flying J in South Carolina..instead of just stopping in Georgia...That will give us a big jump for home..

I did get to have a nice visit with my neighbor "Betsy" and as usual we always have an enjoyable visit with a few good laughs..Yes, Betsy autographed my book...and she even wrote..."What a Neighbor"...wonder what she really means...ah shucks...I know what she means...cause always she and I have such great chats and we is both ..."Good Neighbors".. I always try to keep her a good sight to watch ..with me it's always what kind of critter is coming or my birds...I told Betsy.. "when I come back in Oct, Lord willin'  I plan to put up another feeder..this time between us so we both can watch all the happenings.."...

Both hubby and I are exhausted..He more than me cause he did all the carrying in and out...Ya know he didn't want to use my dolly..sooooooo he done did himself in...but I won't go there...I want to sleep peacefully..

Tomorrow the race will be on for sure and I know there might be a few little words that will flow right out of my mouth...(warning, warning) so I'll say my prayers and wish you all a good night..

God Bless....Down for the count :)

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  1. Safe travels to you all on your trip home! I'd say lets meet up, but I'm in Texas still waiting for an AC unit to be delivered and installed. Had a little GTG with Birdie and Acadianmom. Was so nice to meet them, nice ladies. And you will never guess who showed up yesterday to go tour Old Town Spring with us!!!! Yep, Joella. Ha. Well, we had a nice day none-the-less. Hope your trip home has only fun and happy events!