Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh wake me when it's over..another Monday

Oh wake me when it's over...another Monday... It seems that Mondays always get us down..well some of us.. for me it's a happy Monday cause Zeke is showing a little more improvement...

Last night Saul (my vet) called me on his way with his wife Ellie, to pick up a Dane puppy..Yes another critter added to his house hold..any way we were discussing Zeke on the way..We talked about the Arrhythmia that has happened and why they have Zeke on Digoxgin and Enalapril hoping that when I take him back that it may clear..but I also must realize that what happened to him might have also caused this to come on and it may be how things might stay..

Right now I just wanna hear good news, keep positive thoughts but I must also keep in mind that these things happen and some times they are out of our control. So I keep my prayers going and just thank God for every day I have him.His appetite is coming back cause he's looking for that extra goodies as he came to me with his dish and then turned around and collected everyone else's hey.. He's my Zeke ..he just loves pleasing me and looking for that "I'm a good boy" biscuit.. Soon Zeke, soon..

This morning I'll start adding his kibble to the rice, chicken and veggies.. about 1/4 cup at each meal.. that should start to help him.. Right now after he's done he looks up at me and I can see he's wondering.."Where's the Beef"  LOL  well more like more substance..cause if ya think about it.. after a Chinese dinner an hour later you feel hungry.. well my Zeke feels the same way...
He has a bit of meds to take twice a day but really not as bad as I expected..but I did tell him .."he's catching up to Momma"..I know he looked at me and thought, "Never"...I hope and pray not..

Zeke is on Amoxi 1000mg twice a day Metronidazole 500mg once a day the Digoxin 0.125mg twice a day and Enalapril 15mg twice a day.. with the Pepsid A/C for only 7 days and Cerenia 90mg once a day till the end of the week..not to too bad..Did I ever think I might need a "White Outfit"..????  Hey what ever it takes...just call me Nurse Rachett.....(One flew over the Coo Coo's nest )..just in case you missed my drift..

Yeah my sense of humor is "strange" ..I did say, "I have demented humor"..maybe that's how I make it through all my wild and crazy events of the day..and I do have them.. I think I mentioned I felt like a "Country Tune"..but some day I'd like the records to stop... I mean I'll take a leave of absence if you all wouldn't mind ..

I moved up the breakfast time to 7:30am cause my crew is really ready and Zeke is pacing...I can barely get through my coffee and toast without them all attacking.. I mean Reba gets in my face !

Need to get a move on here and get my list of things I need to get thing first off ..Rice and Veggies.. I've already cooked up 10lbs of chicken and when it cools I'll shred it up and freeze ahead..Thank goodness for Freezers !

All have a wonderful day and that rain we had last night.. I was hoping for it to cool things down..cause the "heavens opened up last night"...

God Bless All !

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  1. Glad to hear Zeke is acting more like his ol' self.