Saturday, July 30, 2011

Relaxing on Saturday

Relaxing on Saturday... I did my thing yesterday and today I'm taking the day off... yes, I still have the feed detail even though I'd like to take a break..but Zeke is coming along and with the increase of kibble he's doing pretty good.

I'm planning fact hubby is gonna head out and do the "pick up goodies" for me..although I'd like to get out..but not just yet..I'm even gonna attempt to take a "Soak" that is sounding better and better..

Chatted with my Cousin (first cuz) Bill, he's gonna head out to Ca to visit with our other Cousin Kathleen..Aunt Martha's daughter.. Bill will help in the emptying of Aunt Martha's things.. so that will make it easy for Kathleen. She's alone now and needs all the help we can give her..

I'm so thankful I got to speak with Aunt Martha before she passed away.. I've asked for Kathleen to come visit with me during the holidays as it will be difficult for her... and I would love to see her.. Haven't seen her since she was a baby... Gawd she's now 53..we've got a lot to catch up on...!

So this will be my nothing day..I don't think I'll know how to handle it..but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon... I do have to get my coffee made..I'm not good with out my first cup...

Here comes Zeke..sitting at my side letting me know he's hungry...Guess I'm getting my orders..pretty soon Hubby will be coming down the his order is easy..a bottle of coca cola..(that's how he says it) can he drink that so early...HA...keeps him quite for the moment..

Have a fantastic day and look on the bright side..My post this morning was a good one...Nothing major..but then again the day is only beginning .

God Bless

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