Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm finding Friday

I'm finding Friday to be a little like a Thursday with the Critters...I really don't like when they are not feeling well...Just like we humans we have our good days and bad..well for them it's definitely not a good one !   It's a combination of change and (not the food) water.. They sometimes go off "Kilter"..(yes, a good way of putting it) so hopefully this is the last day of it.

I've got to sometime today run up to's now the lab I have to go to...It's not that far from home but what a pain in the butt...I use to be able to go right across the hall from my Doc's and get in and get out..This place is hard to get appointments so you go in and wait for an open spot...Lordy that really is not a "Good Thing"...but I'll go and fuss about it later..Perhaps I might get lucky..I mean everything else has gone "Kaput" why not a lucky spell...?????

Gonna get out my trusty "Rice Cooker" ...the one I just bought in Florida...I just love it...don't have to stand over the stove and rice comes out perfect ..once you get the right water mix...and yes, of course rinse the rice...I was watching a cooking show..(always try to find new things to do) and they just put the rice in without I have to say, "That never turned out for was always a gummy situation..more like scrap it from the pot  and not to appetizing "...The Rice Cooker does a great job and she's  a keeper..!

Morning is a little cooler and feels great.. I opened the sliders and there was Mister and Misses Rabbit..welcoming me ...a like to see those bunnies...they are so neat looking..They watched me a bit then Zeke came out and did his.."Guarding his turf"...I know he had to open some one's eyes... I  looked at Zeke and told him.."What a set of lungs, boy could wake up the Living "  !...Yes, he could and probably did...oh well the neighbors now know I'm back :)

Gonna make my shopping list and if I can pick up a few things..don't want to be gone too long as with the Critters just somewhat getting it back together ...I don't want any more "Surprises"...That does do your day in and what ever else follows it....

So it's now on with the show of shows...and I can only imagine...Always does get matter how big or how small....Catch ya later on down the road.....

God Bless

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