Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waking up to a Wednesday

Waking up to a Wednesday...Thank goodness I got through yesterday. I had two Doctor visits and they were great..Of course I had a cuppa with my one Doc...(he's my cardio man) and we talked about how things were progressing with Heart Disease and all the new advantages ...then I got the..."well, we will do your stress test in August"  Ok, now that doesn't make me happy as I have to do the chemical fact it's the newest type and it makes me a little queasy to the tummy...but I can get through it..better than the older one where I got the brain rush and massive headache...

After that I walked across the hall to the other Doctor and had a good visit with him..and he gives me the script for all the blood work...Oh boy... I'm gonna be stuck like a pin cushion..oh and I have to have the Sleep Apnea test done...Wonder if I'll be able to sleep with all those wires attached to my head..hmm..maybe I'll tell myself I'm having a "permanent"... HA!

Had to stop at the bank on the way home as it's now got a "new name" so all my checks will be changed some of the accounts have to be changed in order for me to do my transfers...That gent in the office said..."Not a problem"... Oh I've heard those words so many time and always there comes a few surprises...

Tomorrow I'm gonna have to have some blood work done..because my thyroid is low and then after that I'll pop over to Wally World...(now ya know I have to have my fix) and pick up a few things and then head back home to get more junk out of the motor home and get "the Mabeline" ready to take to be serviced... I'll have to also place an order with Goodyear to buy 7 new tires..Yes, it's that time again for the new "shoes"... Tires on that rig only last 5 years before you start to have major issues...and I don't want to deal with all that nonsense again...soooo it's get ready to gasp after I get the bills...or should I say, "where ear plugs cause hubby is gonna yodel "...:)

I'm still not use to being home. Critters either as we are sort of out of sync.  It will take a few more days and hopefully we'll be back in the swing..Heat wave was a little much but it will be better tomorrow as it will only be in the 80s...that's fine for me...

Looking at my porch and it looks I'll have to see about putting some plants out and then there's the painting of the porch that needs to get done...WOW.. I'm getting tired just thinking..I'll have to wait till I get done with next week's doc appointment..with the GYN..making sure nothing is wrong...that one worries me just a bit...

Watched America's Got Talent last night.. I like a couple of the acts.. the little girl Anna from Alaska is very, very good and then their is that  Blue Grass Group, they were good even though the judges didn't like the number they did... I thought it was pretty dang good...I sure do like talent shows.. reminds me of when I was a kid and watched a few good ones..better than watching all that drama and killing..that happens enough in the real world..we need to watch comedy and talent...makes for better mind set.. Think happy and positive and perhaps a lot of the hatred will leave us... forget about the New...gawd  now that's a lot of drama and what can you really believe lately...What political party really tells the truth ?

Alrighty I'm gonna make a pitcher of Arnold Palmers..(ice tea with orange juice) and then start sorting more junk to get rid of...seems I have a lot of boxes here that I don't know what or where they came from "Surprise again"...

Hope you all have a good one..oh and yes, I'm writing a lot earlier cause I get to look out my window here and it's my break time too...So I multi task and the computer is in the den .. that's the next room I have to unpack...:)

Later all and God Bless

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  1. So glad to hear that you made it home safe and sound! You'll fall back into a routine in no time at all. I'm sure hubby is glad to have you all home.

    I'm in TN, headed toward MD in a few days. Stopped in to visit a cousin I haven't seen in a few years. Today I might go to the Opry Land Hotel...i've heard it is quite the sight.

    Hope all your DR visits and test go well and nothing that a few adjustments won't fix!

    Take care Lady.